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#FridayFavorites: Kasmir Fabrics – Print Works

We’ve definitely talked about Kasmir Fabrics before, because they’re a great company! We used a different book of theirs for a Friday Favorites a couple weeks back, but this week, we’re showing you some awesome prints from their Print Works Volume 2 book. It has colors ranging from yellow to purple and a variety of types of prints from geometric to paisley! That’s right, quite the assortment!

This company has been doing their thing and pleasing all designers for almost half a century. With showrooms all across the country, they’re only one stop for designers when looking for fabrics, hardware, and trim. They work so well with all designers and show a true appreciate for the field. With all that being said, we’re going to show off a few of their fabrics in the Print Works Volume 2 book!

Kasmir Fabrics – Print Works Vol. 2







Don’t you just love those prints and patterns? Kasmir always puts out an amazing array of fabrics and we aren’t surprised at the incredible creativity in this fabric book. We have many of their books in our library at our Sanford store, so don’t be afraid to stop by!


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