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Keep Up With Mirror Trends!

We love having mirrors in our homes because it makes each room appear so much larger. Mirrors are our best friends in small spaces, so we always want to keep up with latest trends to know which one would look best in each room. There are 5 different mirror types: the typical square/rectangle, circle, floor, geometric, and vintage.

Square / Rectangle



This will work in any room, any time. It is typical and safe, but can still be trendy.




This mirror has a very modern feel. You can go with a bronze or gold frame to give it an elegant, sleek look, or combine the mirror with a wooden frame to keep it casual and not over-the-top modern.




Who doesn’t want a floor length mirror? Really. You will use this daily and is a huge decorative piece. It’s very easy to update by just painting and changing the frame, and this mirror will be a piece you will keep forever. You will never let this accent piece go.




This type of mirror is still pretty simple, but because of the shape, it’s also very trendy with a huge impact.




This type will be perfect in your hollywood glam styled room. This one piece has so much personality and can easily get along with many items in a room. You can lean it up against a wall or hang it up; just be careful on how heavy it is.

Try some new mirrors in each room and just watch how big of an impact it has on every room!


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