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Laundry Room Envy

Laundry room design is a very important part of comfortable, functional and beautiful interior design. Ideas for this room can be inspired by similar small rooms decorated to create bright and comfortable home interiors. A large design is a luxurious addition to modern homes, but more often a laundry room is small and does not have a window. Still these functional rooms can be comfortable and attractive. A washer and dryer, a workplace station, storage space, a built-in wall ironing board, and a sink create a very functional and attractive laundry room design! So, take a look at our helpful tips to see what you need to do to achieve this design.

The Machines



Nowadays, many washer and dryer appliances come with the option to have a drawer compartment be put under the washer and dryer. This is great for convenience purposes so that both the washer and dryer are at a comfortable height for both men and women. Lifting a front-loading appliance has become a very popular trend for laundry room design.

Energy Efficiency



Energy saving and water saving home appliances are another popular trend at the moment. A creative, simple, and eco-friendly rack for drying clothes is a nice green idea that adds a unique accent in vintage style to decorating a laundry room. Handmade, suspended from the ceiling wooden drying racks add an organic style to your functional and bright laundry room. This brings a unique vintage style charm to the space.

Save Some Space



Space saving laundry room design is something will always be trending! Built-in wall ironing boards are space saving and smart ideas for small laundry room design. Built-in wall shelving systems also offer enough storage space for an ironing board and small items that everyone needs in a laundry room. Open wall shelves and cabinets with doors are two alternative storage and organization ideas. Open wall shelves are modern ideas for small rooms that are sure to save you lots of space. With racks suspended from the ceiling and the use of these open wall shelves, you’ll be able to keep your small room looking spacious, while also providing convenient storage!


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