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Let Mellow Yellow Inject A Little Sunshine Into Your Home


If you’re looking forward to the arrival of summer and you want to inject a burst of sunshine into your home then it’s time to take another look at yellow. Often overlooked by the style-cautious as a shade that is too bright for interiors, used the right way yellow can be the perfect happy color and is the ideal accent color for interiors. There are so many shades of yellow to pick and choose from. A burst of primary yellow is perfect if you want to make a bold statement, but if you prefer something a little less eye catching the lemon or sherbet yellow are also wonderful for the time of year. Here are a few ideas and tips for injecting some sunshine-y yellow into your home:


Make an Impact

The impact of the yellow in your room will depend upon the colors you choose to team it with. Really let the yellow pop by pairing it with a monochrome color palette of black and white. Black and white is a classic color combination for interiors and one that will never go out of vogue. Monochrome works so well because it utilizes an essential balance of light and shade, so it can be used to highlight the most complementary areas of the room. By adding a pop of yellow as an accent color, you will inject life into the room and the yellow will really zing. This is the best color combination to choose if you want to make the maximum impact with the yellow in your room. Team yellow with grey to pull the impact of the yellow back a little and create a room that has a softer and more sophisticated feel. The grey will make the yellow look less vibrant, and grey also looks great paired with lighter sherbet shades of yellow too. Gray’s subtleness will allow whatever shade of yellow you choose to shine in all its cheerful glory. Finally, you could choose to team yellow with other vibrant primary colors. This is a great way to brighten up your room, but forcing the yellow to compete with equally vibrant shades will lessen its individual impact.


Where to Use it

There are so many different options for where to use yellow in your room. The more style cautious should choose to introduce the vibrant shade using accessories, such as scatter cushions, throws, and candles. Adding vibrant cushions and throws to a neutral and modern sofa is a great way to breathe life into your living room. If you want to introduce yellow to your home with accessories then the kitchen is also a great place to start, as you can add yellow tableware and serving ware for immediate impact. Place your favorite yellow items on open shelves in the room and you’ll feel their vibrant sunshine-y impact straight away. Alternatively if you’re prepared to make more of a commitment to introducing yellow to your home then adding a yellow accent wall or reupholstering your sofa in a vibrant yellow fabric will really make your interiors zing! Yellow curtains and a large yellow rug will have exactly the same immediate visual impact.


Why Yellow?

We all want our homes to be happy places that our families look forward to spending time in and, psychologically, yellow is a happy color. The positive psychological qualities often attributed to yellow are its ability to create happiness, optimism and confidence for the future. What better reason to choose yellow for your living area? Of course too much yellow can be overpowering, so it’s important to get the color balance right in your home. You should also ensure you choose the right shade of yellow for you; don’t choose a shade of yellow simple because it is fashionable. Instead choose  shade that makes you feel positive thoughts, suits the other complementary colors you want to use in your space, and that your confident will work perfectly in your home.

Written by Jenni Galbraith


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