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A Minimalist Style Approach To Home Decor

Styling when designing often gets a bad rep because people think it just means adding “stuff” and it often does – the shoes by the door, the pile of magazines next to the bed, the extra empty jars placed on the kitchen counter… It can look forced, ‘try-hard’ and cluttered really easily, but styling just means giving a space a sense of a personality. Sometimes, that personality is still quiet and has more of a minimalist style. Any home can have a huge minimalist style breakthrough from following a couple of our tips, so read on ladies!

Keep the color palette very tight.



 Adding a lot of colors is the quickest way to make a space look busy and cluttered. Keeping it tonal (a range of colors in the same color family) and mixing with neutrals is the easiest solution to having some color without it getting crazy.

Bring in simple lines and shapes.



Lose anything with too much ornate detailing or carvings and stick to pieces that keep the eye moving really easily. Add in some cool geometric metal shapes. They add a trendy yet simple look to any room.

Go for texture.



Keep everything in your color palette, but having all your finishes being really smooth and slick can feel cold, so bring in linens, wools, wovens in your textiles and pottery, clay, porcelain in your accessories. Keep the color palette quiet, but the texture still needs to be there for it to look inviting and not like a showroom. Anything handmade is an extra plus.

smaller collections of pieces in the same family



It’s the same bowl, plant, or vase in different sizes and as a collection it holds the dining room table nicely, without creating this huge tablescape that commands the whole room.

Bring in life through art and plants.



Art is your chance to bring in more personality. Keep it simple and quiet, but make a statement to help shake up the seriousness of a more minimalist style home.


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