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The New Design Trends of 2017

A new year is coming! We’re almost there, and the trends that are flowing in with the new year are unbelievable and eye-catching. We’re so excited to share them with you, but first and foremost, Greenery was just announced the Color of the Year this past week. We’re awaiting the uses of this color in fashion, interior design, and every other creative outlet. It was chosen because it’s a reminder to take a deep breath and appreciate the beauty and revitalizing ambiance of the natural world around you. If you want to learn more about Greenery and why it was chosen to be the color of the year, check out our blog post written all about it. With that being said, you should have a good idea about the trends for the upcoming year.




This first design trend is Escapism which means to seek distraction or need relief from unpleasant realities. This is incorporated into design through personal havens, such as a close and comfortable library, spa-like bathroom, or tranquillity room. It’s up to the homeowner what they want to do with any extra room, but we suggest making a personal sanctuary.




Yes, that’s right. Terra-cotta is slowly becoming “a thing.” People are tiling their walls and floors with it. If done well, it can look marvelous. Seriously gorgeous. It could also go the complete opposite direction though, so with this trend, we suggest a lot of before-hand planning.

Jewel Tones



Jewel tones are secluded to just existing as jewels. This is trending in every creative outlet you can think of. People are even dying their hair jewel tones. This is one of the 2017 trends that doesn’t need to be over-thought. Throw jewel tones in anywhere (couch, pillows, drapes, trinkets), and they will work and look amazing.


Home Story


This is a trend that isn’t only adorable but can also be very useful. Cover an entire wall in your home office with cork. Just make sure you have a lot of push pins in a drawer near by! Cork is such a neutral material that you can make it look strong and masculine or soft and feminine. This trend is about adding texture to a basic room.

Upholstered Headboards



This has become a big DIY project these past couple months that is overflowing into this next year. They’re fun and sophisticated at the same time. How is that possible?! Upholstered headboards can just really pull a whole room together. They also create a very comfortable, at-home feeling when friends and family stay in your guest bedroom.

Those are all the design trends we have dug up so far! Just remember 2017 is all about new beginnings and relaxing. Have fun with the new design trends, and comment below with pictures showing how you’ve incorporated them into your own home!


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