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Porch & Patio Clean Up – The Right Way

The fresh warm air of spring is here! We’re going to start migrating to our porches and patios more often now, so let’s get them tidied up. We have constructed an easy 5-step plan to making your porch and patio looks brand new. We know you’re thinking, “Can’t I just use a pressure washer?” Pressure washers will actually cause severe damage to your outside surfaces over time, especially wood. To keep them looking clean and in great condition, follow our quick, little how-to.




Start by sweeping the entire area. Anything that gets left from the broom will stick when it gets wet and will become a much bigger pain to deal with than just sweeping.

Hose It Down: Part I



Hose down the plants on and around the area, because by doing this, it will help whatever soap gets on the plants just slide off. If you have a garden, this is a very important step.




Try to tackle stains first. Ways to take care of stains depends on the different surfaces you’re dealing with. With the right product, it should be quick, fast, and easy no matter the surface.

Deck Brush



Again depending on the type of surface, select your cleaning solution and follow the directions to dilute it. Use a deck brush, or a stiff push broom, to really create some strength. Dip it in the bucket, get the surface wet, and use some serious elbow grease.

Hose It Down: Part II



Hose down the entire area. Make sure you get all the solution off, and let it dry. Your porch and patio are complete!


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