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Raggedy Rugs: Steps to Deep Clean Your Rug

Cleanliness is key! It is extremely important to keep your rugs clean. It will keep them looking awesome for as long as possible, which is what we all want. Deep cleaning your rug at least once a year is just the way to get it done!

Start off by vacuuming. Just regular, plain, old vacuuming. This can be repeated when you regularly clean the house to keep them in tiptop shape. It is important to vacuum both sides of the rug and underneath it. Get every spot you can. Try your best, though, to not vacuum over fringe or bindings, because that will reverse the beautiful look were going for and will fall apart faster.

Make all stains go away! This is why it’s so important to find a rug that works well with the function of the room. You’re bound to have more stains in the kitchen or play room than the living room. Attack each stain individually with the appropriate stain fighter. If you don’t use the most reliable one for each material, it can severely damage your beautiful rug.

Next, do the real deep cleaning. The way to go about this depends on the material of the rug. This could mean it needs to be steam cleaned or hand washed. It could possibly even be thrown in the washing machine. Just be careful and read the label to know what can and cannot be done to the rug. Any stain remaining after the deep cleaning should be scrubbed out with gentle cleaner to clear it away. To skip the slow drying process and the smell of a wet rug, use a fan to dry it quickly.

To make sure nothing happens to your rug throughout the deep cleaning process, test it out on a small piece of the rug first. This way you will be aware of everything that will happen to the rug before you start cleaning the entire thing. Just remember, it is crucial to deep clean your rug at least once a year to keep it looking pristine. Sounds perfect for after all the guests leave after the holidays!


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