“The interior style of your home should act as your family’s signature. In order to make something memorable, you’ll need an element of creativity and novelty. By valuing true originality and exuding authenticity we are able to inspire unique living spaces that represent complete individuality.”

“True design is a continual relationship between the designer and client which is built over time. Your home does not come together all at once, it is a process. One that creates trust and results in a space that is a true representation of the client’s signature lifestyle.” 






Color Consultation

Color has the power to transform a space. A fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to make a change at home or in the office. With that, choosing a perfect color scheme can really be a challenge at times. At A.Clore Interiors, we’ll help you find the most successful colors for your purpose with our color-theory expertise and statistics. Color psychology and symbolism, visual effects, and armonious design form the backdrop of the services we offer for your project. Starting at $500

Remodels and Redesign

Many home owners find their home doesn’t function well for them, whether it’s a closed off kitchen, an outdated bathroom or a small master bedroom. Remodeling is the time for you to fall in love with your home all over again. Many firms can create beautiful designs, but our goal is to make your home beautiful and functional. We take careful consideration of your everyday living and ask all the necessary questions in order to provide the perfect re-design solution for you and your family. At A.Clore Interiors, there are no “cookie cutter” designs. We provide quality, one-of-a-kind interiors with you in mind – to design a layout that makes sense in your life, and no one else’s. So when you hear the term “form vs. function,” we say, “let’s do both!”

3D space planning

Computer-aided design software is an important tool used in design today. The designers at A.Clore Interiors are well versed in an array of design programs that provide visual aids in order for our clients to see their project in a real-life, 3-D rendering. We think it is important to provide an actual sense of scale and proportion when communicating design ideas and principles. The use of scaled, detailed 2-d plans and elevations provide both the client and contractors with a clear understanding of specific design elements. This also helps in manufacturing to the exact specifications of a project and increases the overall quality of an installation. Who doesn’t want that?


A.Clore Interiors represents several furniture and accessory lines that are sure to fit any budget. From custom-made upholstery and rugs to cataloged lighting and accessories, our designers are here to ensure your vision is transformed into a work of art. We understand that the market changes constantly and, as a result, we regularly attend several different furniture and product conventions throughout the year to keep abreast of the ever-changing world of design.

Styling and

Styling and staging mainly focus on preparing your home for the real estate market. Statistically, staged homes spend less time on the open market and also sell for higher prices. Interior styling and staging allows homeowners to use their existing furniture, accessories and artwork to achieve a designer look without the designer price tag. By re-arranging your belongings in a way that is functional and visually appealing we create an atmosphere with harmony and style. And if your vision and budget need new purchases, we can help with that too. Just think about it… Our “curb appeal” staging services are much less expensive than reducing the price of your home to sell it!

Window Treatments

We believe that window treatments are the second easiest way to transform an interior, a fresh coat of paint being first. Our Interior Designers can help add subtle ambiance or a dramatic statement with sophisticated window treatments that are fabricated with the utmost attention to detail. We realize our customers can purchase their window treatments from a number of local and web-based companies. What separates A.Clore Interiors from our competitors is our high level of service, product knowledge, clever design solutions, measurement and installation expertise. Paired with the dedication to maintaining lifetime window treatment relationships with all of our customers, we want to make your window treatment options crystal clear.