Computer-aided design software is an important tool used in design today. The designers at A.Clore Interiors are well versed in an array of design programs that provide visual aids in order for our clients to see their project in a real-life, 3-D rendering. We think it is important to provide an actual sense of scale and proportion when communicating design ideas and principles. The use of scaled, detailed 2-d plans and elevations provide both the client and contractors with a clear understanding of specific design elements. This also helps in manufacturing to the exact specifications of a project and increases the overall quality of an installation. Who doesn’t want that?

The best part is, your 3-D Space Planning is included in your design fee, it is not an added charge! The 3-D Plan allows both the designer and client experience the space as it will actually be, not just a bird’s eye view that might be difficult to visualize. With 3-D Space Planning, you’ll get to realize the full impact of your interior design plan.