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Small Apartment Tips and Tricks

We’ve all lived in that small apartment that has barely enough room to breathe, but when it’s that small, how do we make it convenient and cute at the same time? It feels almost impossible. Lucky you, we’ve compiled a list of tricks to score that stylish, chic design with just as much comfort.

Murphy Bed



Yes, we know a murphy bed is never ideal and definitely not your first pick, but it will save so much room in such a small apartment. Obviously, this is an idea more for studio apartment, but if you really need more space, don’t be afraid to use it in a one bedroom as well! You can use the extra space as an office or a separate living room or dining room. Having that extra room opens your opportunities in a restricted small apartment.

The Love Seat



Go ahead and use a love seat as your whole couch and add in a couple accent chairs to complement the space. To really add a creative effect, pick out a fun and decorative rug to lift color into the room. This can really help open up the small apartment and make it look larger and livelier.

Knife Strip



With having such a small apartment, every inch of counter space is vital especially in the kitchen. To help save a decent amount of space, skip out on buying that knife block. Instead, follow in the steps of many restaurants and create a magnetic knife strip. It’s a decorative way to store things you use daily. Go ahead and line up those pots and pans as well to use up wall space instead of packing in your cabinets.

Create Rooms



Use curtains and dividers to create the illusion of separate rooms. Depending on how many square feet you have, you can create a whole one bedroom in your small apartment. Just be aware, one medium room is better and easier to decorate than a few extra small rooms.

We hope these few ideas have helped and given you a tad more space in your tight small apartment. If you have any comments, ideas, or questions, let us know below in the comments section!


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