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Make The Most Of Your Small Laundry Room

We all have laundry to do. It’s not a choice; unfortunately, it’s a fact of life. Some of us go to a laundromat. Some of us are lucky enough to have a laundry room, but sometimes, that laundry room is not equiped with everything we want. Sometimes, the so called “laundry room” is just a closet space big enough to fit the washer and dryer (especially if you live in an apartment). So how do we maximize the use of such a small space? We have a couple tips for you.

Drying Rack


We all have some sort of clothing piece that requires to be hang dried. By adding a drying rack on an unused wall or retractable clothes line, you can amplify the use of your space. The best part is once you’re done it can easily be put away until you need it next time.

Extra Storage


Adding a pedestal under your washer and dryer can give you more storage for that dirty laundry that no one wants to see. You can even organize it by sections which make it easier for laundry day!

…And More Storage


Keeping baskets of all different sizes is a good idea to store trinkets and clothing items that tend to get lost in the laundry room. Make sure they all match too or at least coordinate to keep the room looking trendy.


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