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Patio Party Preparations

Summer is slowly coming to an end, but if you’re in Florida with us, you will be continuing your patio parties well into fall. There are a few essential preparations you need to achieve an awesome outdoor soiree. Keep reading for some of our party suggestions!

Color Palette



Just like a room, decorating a patio starts with a color palette. For events that have a kids side and an adult side, balance is the key to making everyone happy. Look for color combinations that have at least one neutral color, and one pop color in the mix. It will help with incorporating a fun and playful look while maintaining a sophisticated tone at your patio party.




Next, you have to find the perfect furniture. Modular sectionals are great for outdoor spaces, especially a sectional with a durable fabric that can hold up against children as well as the elements. Depending on the size and shape of your backyard space, a modular sectional can give you a lot of options for different configurations to provide maximum seating.

Dining Table



Look for a dining table that is going to be an investment for your backyard space. I would recommend against bargain shopping at this point. If you plan to entertain every season, you need to have a table that will last. At the same time, there are many high-quality options that will not only resist the elements but also add to the color and style of your event.

If the dining table is the time to invest, the chairs are another story entirely. Comparison shop away. There are plenty of inexpensive options that will go perfectly with an upscale design. I like outdoor dining chairs that are light, stackable, and have some color to them.

Outdoor Rug



You can’t forget about the rug! Rugs make a beautiful addition to any styled space, and the outdoors are no exception. In fact, outdoor rugs may be even more ideal because they are kid and pet proof. They are extremely durable because dirt and mud simply sit on the surface of the rug, making it much easier to clean up after your soiree. As the perfect inexpensive way to brighten up your space, outdoor rugs come in a wonderful range of colors and patterns that will help you design a party that will leave all of your guests impressed!


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