Day 4: Ceiling Tiles

For todays post, we say thank you to ceiling tiles!! Now, I  am sure you are thinking most designers curse those dreadful things and here we are dedicating a whole day to thanking them?!? Well, thats because you may be thinking of these pictured below.

Oh no, my friends. We are talking about the fabulous ones here:

Now that we are on the same page, ceiling tiles have been a functioning part of design for a long time and it is finally time for someone to pay them a little appreciation. They are a lightweight tiles used in the interior of buildings. The tiles are placed in a suspended aluminum grid and are generally designed to improve the acoustics of a a room. These days, we like them for their decorative properties and what they add to the overall design of a space. They can be made from an array of materials such as perlite, mineral wool, and even fibers from recycled paper!!

Lets be honest, we have all seen enough ceiling tiles in our lifetime to know what they are. So instead, lets focus on the vast improvement these tiles have made over the years. We now have the ability to execute your design concept all the way through the space from floorboards to ceiling tiles!

Here you can see a wonderful way to add some flare to your ceiling without stepping too far from tradition. Keeping with the white color but adding some architectural detailing brings the whole space together with clean lines.

However, these photos below show a different version where your eyes are immediately drawn towards the ceiling design.

As you can see, ceiling tiles have come a long way, no longer will we settle for what used to be white, eye sores on our ceilings. We want drama, pizzaz, detail and elegance!! So a big thank you for the improvements made in the industry, now our ceilings can be functional. and beautiful at the same time! Thanks for reading and be sure to check back to see what piece of design we pay tribute to tomorrow!!