Interior Design Essentials For Your Home

Everyone hits a point in their life where they look around their apartment or home and think to themselves they should probably get an actual bed frame or start having a place for your keys so you stop spending 15 minutes every morning looking for them and trying to retrace your steps. There are a few items in a home that we consider to be essentials. Here’s our list of what think to be investment pieces:

A Styled Bookshelf



We included this on our list of essentials, because having a styled bookshelf in your apartment or home automatically gives a very adult and grown up vibe. You can make it cute, glam, and girly, or you can give it an industrial style with stained wood and metal piping. Customize it to your personality, and if you need any guidance, check out our post all about styled bookshelves here.

A Stocked Mini-Bar



You want to always be prepared to invite friends over on a whim. It can also fill an empty corner or hallway of the house that you don’t know what to do with, and it will be an item of the home that will actually get used and not just take up space. Also, don’t you think it would be nice to have if you are working on something from home, and you can enjoy a glass of wine or whiskey on the rocks while continuing your work? (This is one of the essentials that will actually save you many as well by staying in for a drink instead of spending money out.)

An Organized Work Station



There should be a place in your home where you keep all your important paper items and where you can take care of all those items as well, actions such as paying bills, doing taxes, working extra from home, or applying for jobs. It just makes life easier when you have all your important papers in one place and organized neatly.

Matching Dishes



People have a habit of collecting dishes from here or there because they were gifts and such and have just accumulated over time. Well, it’s about time you exchange them for matching dishes. Don’t be afraid to keep them if they have sentimental value, but for every day use, it will make you feel more organized and less stressed all together as a person. Matching dishes will purely just make your cabinets look cuter when opened up as well.

Get Everything Framed



This just makes you feel like an actual adult. Having pictures still pinned or hung with clothespins in your home will make you feel “forever young” definitely, but the same time you get your bed off the floor and on a real bed frame is the same day you should get your pictures framed. Plus, frames can really add to your design. They can easily complete a minimalist’s simple vibe or a glamorous diva look.


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