2021’s Trending Color: AI Aqua

You may be reading this blog thinking it is way too soon to worry about the trends of 2021. Well truth is, you have already probably seen some in action! We have already identified an upcoming 2021 color. Drum roll please…. AI Aqua! It is read as A.I., as in artificial intelligence. This past year, we’ve had to adapt to many technological dependencies, so this bright hue would be the perfect reflection of where the world is headed.

Hero Color, AI Aqua

An Electrifying Color to Incorporate to Interiors

AI Aqua is both sporty and trend-forward. It was originally connected to the thought of circuit-boards and in the branding of start-up tech companies. “Going forward, technology is only going to become a more integral part of our lives,” WGSN’s head of color Jane Monnington Boddy told Dezeen. “The digital world will become faster, more efficient, and in turn we will become even more connected and aligned.” A study of the Internet’s most heavily trafficked websites showed that there are nearly twice as many shades of blue as shades of yellow and red, and three times as much green,” said Monnington Boddy. If you think about it, we check Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter daily, all of which have attractive blue logos.

A.I. Aqua WGSN colour of 2021

Embracing Tech-Forwardness

We can already predict this color will be popping up in many tech, fashion, and interior ways. In the past year, we have seen athleisure wear skyrocket as people left their home less often. This aqua color is the perfect color to apply to a streamline article of clothing to help it stand out while running errands. We see a similar trend of Pantone’s past 2019 color, Living Coral. AI Aqua is the perfect complement of it, advocating positive attitudes and embracing color throughout the year. We have seen the blue in many cases is replacing usually black staples.

Art Abstract PaintingAcrylic PaintingCanvas Art Original image 0

This color is especially complementary to nautical themes

2021 air color trend AI Aqua trends wgsn

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