How to Achieve Feminine Minimalism

There is a trend that is up and coming and is surely taking over for women. It’s called feminine minimalism. This trend is all about taking minimalism which typically has masculine tones and is seen in men’s homes and switching it up to look classy, elegant, and girly. We are calling it feminine minimalism. If you want to join us on this feminine minimalism train, hop on and continue reading!




Minimalism itself is very simple and “minimal,” so go for more whites and grays when picking out paint colors and color schemes. To turn it into feminine minimalism, add in a soft blush pink. Also light and bright color palettes give off a very airy, but womanly feel. Simplifying your color palette will show off a more mature side in your home decor.




When it comes to hardware, silver shows off a “harder” side. It is much more masculine. We suggest going for gold and brass hardware. It will definitely soften the necessary metals in each room. We also believe brass items tend to add a touch of glamour and luxury. This makes it very girly and totally worth it.




The feminine touch can come in when you look at the doors and the moulding in each room. Yes, it’s supposed to be simple, but you can still have girly moulding and have it look simple. Just try not to make it too busy.




Make sure to include some feminine textures. Certain textures can either make or break a room. When planning for feminine touches, you want items that are going to be cozy and soft. We suggest a shag accent rug, some fur accent pillows, or a wool throw in a pastel. Don’t be afraid to throw in some sequins or velvet for a touch of glam. As long as it is a solid color, it shouldn’t be too overwhelming for minimalism.




Minimalism is thought of with many angles and sharp points, but sharp points and strict corners actually bring in negative energy. We obviously want to stay away from things of that nature and help bring in positive energy, so take away all those right angles and bring in curvy decor. Use circular furniture/decor items to soften up that masculine harshness. Keep circles in mind and a roundabout attitude when shopping! It may take time to find some of these pieces. (See what we did there…)




Don’t be afraid to use pink! Pink decor pieces mixed with a bit of mid-century furnishings is never too girly. It works and comes off being calmly feminine. Throw in some marble as well if you’d like! Marble tends to add a sort of elegant flair.

We hope our little guide helps and leads you to achieving the perfect feminine minimalism you are wanting!


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