Awkward Shaped Gifts? We’re Solving Your Christmas Troubles!

We all have those gifts come Christmas time that we attempt to wrap but just don’t know how, such as a ball or small clothing items that won’t fit in boxes. We have come up with a few easy ways to wrap these tough items and still make it look cute!

The ball is very easy. Just turn it into a Christmas cracker! Who doesn’t love those things? Get some very fun, festive gift wrapping tissue paper and roll it on up! Tie cute bows on the ends and fan out the sides to give it a little extra flare.

Now for those smaller clothing items, such as scarves or gloves, that don’t have a box, let’s make a box! This looks super cute and is surprisingly extremely easy. First, you want to cut the sheet of wrapping paper 2-3 inches past your object on the top, bottom, and both sides. From here, wrap the paper around the object long ways and tape it. This should end up making a tube with your object inside. Now, flatten out the ends and make two 1 inch rolls towards the center on both sides. Put two hole punches in each roll. Lace a ribbon through and tie it to make a beautiful bow. You are finished!

If there is anything else you just cannot figure out how to wrap, put it in a basket. You can pick up a basket from any JoAnn Fabrics, fill it with pretty tulle, place gift right on top, and wrap the whole thing in a clear basket wrap. Tie a large bow right on top. Problems solved!


We also wanted to throw out a couple creative, unusual ways to spice up your gift wrapping.

1. Try out some fun gift wrapping paper.



2. Change up your gift tags. 



3. Try to use some old book pages as your gift wrapping paper. It adds a rustic look.



Well, that’s a wrap! I hope you like our suggestions and can use them to make your gift wrapping process that much easier this year! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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