She Shed: The New Man Cave

What is a She Shed you might ask? A She Shed is the female version of a man cave; somewhere you can have all to yourself undisturbed. You can do whatever you want in there! You can turn it into a craft room, a library, a bar, or even an office! You could make it girly or very sleek and sophisticated. The shed is your oyster!

A Craft Room



A craft or hobby room is ideal for any artistic woman. This could be your ultimate creative hideaway. You can paint, scrapbook, DIY, do pottery, etc. The scene of your garden through the windows can provide so much inspiration! The best part is that you wouldn’t have to clean everything up every time you wanted to take a break, because it would be your own personal imaginative wonderland!

A Library



We all love to cuddle up with a book and a glass of wine in a quiet corner and just relax, but what if you had a whole room set aside for just this purpose? It would be like a very intense reading nook. You could keep all your books on multiple lined up bookshelves. Have your comfiest chair transported into the room on top of a soft rug with a cozy blanket thrown over the back. You have to include a stylish side table to keep your wine glass on, of course. Speaking of, go ahead and put a mini wine rack in there with some cute and classy glasses. It will add to the whole feminine sophistication.

A Bar



That actually leads us to our third suggestion, a bar! You can either DIY a bar or buy a built bar, add a few glasses (including margarita glasses, martini glasses, wine glasses, etc.), a whole cocktail kit with all bartending utensils, and then decorate however you want! Put in some barstools, a sofa, and play around with the lighting. This will be great whenever you want to have garden parties or just a girl’s night.

An Office



Last but not least, we have an office. We chose this last, because even though it’s not as “fun,” it is extremely convenient and functional. It’s the perfect getaway spot where you can clear your mind and buckle down on your workload. You can use it to read, work, study, or write, pretty much anything you want to use it for that quiet is a necessity.

So women, take charge and make yourself a she shed, a space that is all your own and no one is allowed to disturb you! It’s powerful and necessary for women to have a place all to themselves, not just men! The She Shed is the new Man Cave, because it’s just as important!


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