Find It Style It: Farmhouse

So you’ve scoured Pinterest and watched HGTV for countless hours. Time to put together that dream farmhouse look, easy right? Wrong. Now, you don’t know where to go, what wood stains to pick, or what the layout will be. Allow us to provide some easy of mind with a starter farmhouse kit! All these items are found on Wayfair, which is super affordable and has specials running constantly! This mood board will act as a starting place, but while you’re on the website, look under “similar items” or “recently bought together” for further personalization and items.

farmhouse home decor and furniture

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Farmhouse items: click for the link

  1. Sliding Barn door
  2. Flower Vase Painting
  3. Tall Bookcase
  4. Greenery Wreath
  5. Wooden Lamp
  6. Cream Leather Sofa
  7. Orange Throw Blanket
  8. TV Stand

Remember, farmhouse style is all about the sentiment, texture, and natural finishes! Family photos are the perfect decor, and tip: get a fresh bouquet of flowers every week to keep the area fresh! Be careful not to overdecorate, that could lead to difficult cleaning and the room seeming messy. To help style the tall bookcase, check out one of our prior posts:

That post, along with this one with some advice on how to design like a professional ( ) will cause you to be the envy of all your guests! We’re here to help you with this but can’t provide too much from just a blog post. Use any of the below contact information for additional guidance!

farmhouse decor and furniture

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