4 Ways To Give Your Pumpkin Some Personality This Halloween

Wow, can you believe Halloween is only a week away!! It seems like yesterday we were basking in the sun and carving castles in the sand! But in this post, we are trading the bathing suits and beach pales for safety goggles and glitter (who can resist a little glitter?!)Snapshot-10712-632-PM


All of this, for some personalized pumpkin play! This weekend we want you to think beyond the carving kit and bring a little creativity to the table! Below are 4 ways to create pumpkins that are the talk of the town!

1. Heyyy, pumpkins like to dress up too!! Give them an alter ego this year by creating a custom costume. Show the neighbors your pumpkins are more than just a silly face!


2. Bedazzle the ‘seeds’ out of your pumpkin! There are so many fabulous ways to bring some bling to your pumpkin decor this year. From thumb tacks, to jewels and gems – anything to bring some glamour to your halloween holiday is fine with us!


3. That pumpkin is a real class act! Bringing classy back with stylish ways to keep in the halloween spirit. Grab a can of spray paint, add some flowers, anything to create a halloween spirit in a calm and collected way!


4. Shine bright at night!! Don’t let your pumpkin get missed when the candle blows out – bright colors that glow in the dark are a great way to give your pumpkin the personality it deserves! She’s sure to party all night!


NOW…….We want to see your pumpkins!!! Send us your most creative and innovative designs for a chance to win a special prize!!

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BONUS PUMPKIN: Only because of our love for Louis Vuitton! 


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