10 Colors To Paint Your Front Door In 2016

Everyone needs a little change of pace sometimes, and how better to do that than to change the look of your home’s exterior? You can go bright, dark, bold, soft… the choice is completely up to you! Not to limit your options, we picked the top 10 colors to paint your front door in 2016!

Snow White



White is our first color because it’s basic and ideal. It goes lovely with every color and always looks pristine. It brings a peaceful energy and works very well with some added lush greenery on the porch.

Lemon Sorbet



A light yellow adds a bit of spunk to the porch, and this color definitely makes a break through that traditional conservative look.

Orange Burst



Bring out a tangy orange! This color will bring life to the front porch and cause a bold, warm welcome for everyone who walks up to it.




Hot red gives an automatic historic feel. The red also brings a positive vibe and motivates action. This color is actually great for man’s house as well because the color tends to exude masculine energy.

Scandinavian Blue



This color is actually a purplish blue. It gives a vintage yet royal tone. It will also shift in response to light and will cause a calming wave over you. This color also tends to stimulate creativity and independence, which makes it great for a single woman’s home.

Sailor’s Sea Blue



Because the color blue is thought of with the sky and the sea, it is often associated with depth and stability. It exudes trust, loyalty, and honesty. Because of this, blue is a great color for a family’s home front door.

Shore House Green



This color resembles a soft teal. It is a pretty traditional front door color, but it stays far away from being boring. It’s a reminder of calm skies and has a timeless exterior effect. Teal is cool and eclectic while staying acceptable and charming.




Citrus green is such a huge contrast and contradiction. It is such an unexpected color that stands out and is thought to, again, stimulate the mind for creativity. It promotes growth in work, friendship, family, and all areas of life.

Gray Cloud



Gray is always a go-to when speaking of front door paint colors. It is an easy neutral color to live with and won’t get old. It contains quiet strength and is much more sleeker and current than the old go-to, beige. Gray also compliments any exterior color.

Black Beauty



Black is classic. It’s elegant and mixes well with absolutely everything, including shingles, stones, and brick. Even though it is so compatible with every color as well, it is most striking when it is paired with a white exterior.


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