#FridayFavorites: Interior Design Styles – Bohemian

One interior design style that has been trending for quite sometime now is bohemian. It’s very fresh, fun, and creative. Bohemian style can really showcase personality in a home and can really bring some originality to a space. It’s usually tied to people who live very artistic and unconventional lives, but it’s really caught on as a design trend in the industry and has taken a huge spin on fashion as well.

Bohemian was a huge it in the 60s, but as time has gone on, we as designers and casual homeowners have put our own twist on it. We keep updating it to our liking, even reconstructing the name to “boho-chic” for some. So how do you get this look from the ground up? We’ll show you!


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The flooring should have a very rustic sanded wood. A large part of this design style is layering colorful rugs, and this look tends to have the best effect on this type of wood. We also suggest white or light colored paint on the walls, because the furniture and decor tends to bring a lot of color to the room. Try to keep a simplistic foundation so you can show off individuality with a fun, bright couch or a busy tapestry on the wall.


(All furniture sourced from Wayfair)

Here, you can see your options are really pretty endless. For fabrics, you can choose loud patterns or muted (but still colorful) solids, and when it comes to tables, you can use an antique look or more modern wood patterns.


Get creative! Show off your artistry with your decor items! Drape a cool, unique throw over your accent chair. Pick a vibrant decorative tray for your coffee table or kitchen island. Create an unparalleled vignette with etched skulls, ombre vases, and natural outdoor items. Just have fun with your home decor and make it your own!


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7 Steps to Creating a Bohemian Oasis

We all want our bedrooms to be a comfortable, cozy space to let our mind run free, think, and be creative from time to time, and a great way to do this is to make your room into a bohemian wonderland to inspire those thoughts and feelings. We have come up with 7 essential steps to creating the perfect, inspirational bohemian bedroom…

Active Accessories



Candles play an important role by kicking your senses into high gear. The movement of beads and aura of flowers give the room life as well, which is one of the ideas we’re trying to achieve.

Patterns, Textures, and Colors Galore



You want to layer fun patterns on more fun patterns. Play with signature colors and accent colors. Mix it up by throwing in organic elements and fabrics.

Use All Architecture



Put that colorful blanket on the wall or ceiling instead of your bed. Take advantage of all the space.

Beautiful Sheers



Use sheer fabric to drape the windows. This is a beautiful compliment to all the colors without going overboard. It also adds to the layering effect we are trying to accomplish.

Diagonal Lines



Place all accessories and furniture at odd angles. Keep your bed as the main focal point, though. The goal here is to create an asymmetrical atmosphere.

Stack for Storage



Do not use any traditional furniture. Use boxes and crates to hold your items and stack them on top of each other. This way you have a rustic look but can still show off your personality.

Live Greenery



Live plants is essential when trying to give your room life for obvious reasons. It helps with a calming energy as well. It pulls together the whole look when you use different levels of shelves, ledges, or by hanging them from the ceiling.

There you go! Create your own creative nook with these helpful suggestions!


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