Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

With Mother’s Day being this Sunday, we have to start thinking about our table setting and our decor for this very special holiday celebrating a very special someone. We have ideas for centerpieces and actual table sets,  and we will include where to get these beautiful items. Typically, you want the decorations and tablescape to be feminine and light. Keep that in mind when picking out plates and napkins as well. Let’s start with the centerpieces…

Floral Centerpieces



Go head, use some of your every day drinking glasses filled with water and place a beautiful flower in it. Line them up right down the middle of the table on a linen table runner to really give it an elegant, yet casual feel.



Don’t over think it! Gather many flowers and candles and just place them sporadically down the table runner. You can either collect flowers from you garden, your local grocery store, or make the flowers. DIY yourself a centerpiece by making these lovely flowers. There are many tutorials and how-to’s on youtube and Pinterest. Check them out!



Combine flowers and candles in a different way, perhaps on a cake platter. Pick any color you would like, place a candle right in the middle, and spread flowers all around the candle. If you want to add a more glamorous, chic feel, add pearls intertwined with the flowers. It’s sure to give a sophisticated touch.



Collect, from your local craft store, a bunch of different sizes and shapes of bottles. Place a different flower in each bottle, yet keep the same color scheme. Add in a couple different colored candles still in the same color scheme, and spread this collection out, distributed quite evenly over the table runner. There you go; you have yourself a centerpiece! Now on to the table sets…




With bright colors, such as the peach we show here, stick to white plates, and to give it a girly, more feminine touch, these plates have a gold edge paired with gold silverware. To show your mother some appreciation on Mother’s Day, along with her gift, use a little spa item as the name plate. Here, we have soothing bath fizzers in a white burlap bag to give it cute packaging as well. Find an even better place setting here.



This beautiful Martha Stewart Dinnerware Set goes beautifully on the table for Mother’s Day and will be unbearably appealing with all over the centerpieces we mentioned above. The polka dots with the blush pink has a very ladylike appeal that coordinates perfectly with the floral centerpieces and the gold flatware.



This tablescape is intended for a table setting that doesn’t include a centerpiece. The main eye-catcher is the floral arrangement that is on each plate. Grab a few Moscow mule drinking glasses and some flowers from your local florist to combine and top a beautiful place setting. You can use this as a name plate by attaching a little card with each person’s name written on it right in the center of the floral arrangement, or distinguish each person with a picture of the mother and her child. You can get these Moscow mule mugs here.

There are so many different ways to decorate the table for Mother’s Day. Remember to keep it light, fresh, and feminine to achieve that beautiful, special look. Good luck with your table, and have a Happy Mother’s Day!


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