Fabulous Ideas For Throwing a New Years Celebration

There are so many things you can use when considering your decor for your New Years party. You can play around with the colors or maybe add a theme! Because everyone has different preferences, we have put together a couple different examples of decor to cater to each type of hostess.

Rose Quartz and Gold

Ok, so we all now know one of the colors of 2016 is Rose Quartz. We wanted to play off of that, and what goes better with rose than gold?!



Obviously, a very important detail is the champagne! Throw a couple of raspberries in each flute and you can achieve this beautiful rose color. And while we’re talking about champagne, go ahead and spray paint the bottles with gold glitter on the top and rose glitter on the bottom. It looks super cute, but also hides the labels just in case you need to get the cheaper kind.





Make a cute, simple garland at home out of just glitter, glue, and bowtie pasta! It’s easy and a fun mess to get into.

Navy Blue and Silver

Keep your Christmas lights up! They will look so beautiful ringing in the New Year behind a sheer curtain to keep the lights mildly bright.





No matter how fancy your party is planned to be, this tablecloth is a must! Use it for a dinner tablecloth, the buffet table, the drinks table. My point is just use it somewhere for your party.



This idea will work best and be easiest if you just find a navy blue glass to put the flowers in, but if it’s necessary, throw in a couple drops of food dye into the water. Most times, this will alter the colors of the flowers. If this happens, use your handy dandy silver glitter spray paint and spray the ends of the flowers.



So, this idea doesn’t have much to do with interior design, but seriously, how cute would it be for the hostess to match her color scheme? These nails are adorable and completely scream New Years. Add a little fashionable taste to the start of 2016!

New Years in New York

For our last idea, we thought a New York theme is a great idea, because everyone should experience the New York New Years sometime in their life, even if we have to bring it to them.



Clearly for the desserts, you have to include traditional New York cheesecake. That is a given, and making them small and personal sized is a great, easy idea that looks very cute and professional.



This small table centerpiece would be perfect for little cocktail tables. To add more of a New Years feel, we would switch out the tan tissue paper for silver or gold glitter tissue paper and switch the apple for mini versions of the ball we all anticipate watching.

Hopefully, we have given you an idea you would like to work off of. It’s New Years, so just keep it fun and glittery! We hope you have a great party! Happy New Years!


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