9 Miles of Tile

A.Clore Interior’s Role

Our very own Amber Clore was asked to be an influencer for the Coverings Show 2019 in Orlando, meaning she had an excuse to take all the photos she wanted! Amber’s interior designer heart was filled wandering the floor for 3 days with other like-minded professionals who also had a respectable social media presence. Keep reading for an insider’s look at the event.

Amber and her influencer friends!

Prevalent Trends

LED lighting, while it technically isn’t tile, stole the show. The lighting was strategically placed behind tile frames to enhance their effect, or positioned to shine onto the surface to bring focus to them. Clean white spaces are in, but what’s a well decorated space without amazing lighting? To achieve a stunning finish, LEDs bring out the glossy surface on many tiles.

LEDs scream for attention


Transitioning hexagons, and by this, we mean the way hexagons are being laid uniformly then scattered to creating a falling look; this often leads into a traditional hardwood flooring, or rectangular tile, or more hexagons just with other characteristics. We’ve noticed this trend taking over this design season, so the plethora of variations on it confirms our suspicion: hexagons are the new subway tile.

Hexagons are the new subway!


Large format tiles made a huge appearance too. These tiles are giant slabs of stone, meaning less grout lines and very realistic feels. Be careful not to mistake them as wallpaper, for the detail on them is amazing, but being made of stone, they’re much more durable and luxurious. Putting these large “photos” in a room would demand attention and transform the space from being mundane to memorable.

Goodbye wallpaper, hello tile


Our favorite colors, the pinks and purples of our A.Clore Interiors logo, were spotted throughout the floor. Adding these colors to a room give a youthful look and attract good vibes. The saturated fuchsia sparks excitement, while the toned-down lilac in the bathroom is a modern take on that old faded pink you can find in your grandmother’s powder room. If you’re ever looking for pops of color that aren’t traditionally found in a room, try one of these for a refreshing look.

We always spot these colors in a crowd

Last but not Least…

This year, Coverings also sent out invites to puppies! The Orange County Animal Shelter brought in these adorable, fluffy playmates to promote adoptions. And to relate it back to the main theme of the event, doghouses decorated with tile were surrounding the playpen to show that even owning a pet is fashionable… making it very tempting to adopt a studio mascot.

Look at those faces! Look at that tile!

Next year, the Coverings Show ’20 will take place in New Orleans, LA. While it’s a long trek, the A.Clore’s crew had such an amazing time at the year’s show, we’ll try to make next years too. Get excited!

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