Cleaning Tips and Tricks

We all don’t have time once a week to clear our schedule purely for cleaning purposes even though we could really use it. But to keep things tidy, there are a few cleaning tricks you can tackle within 5 minutes that will cover the things we don’t think to cover in the few days we do have to clean. Make sure to take care of these when you have a few minutes to spare! The build up can get dangerous!

Freshen Up Your Garbage Disposal



Get rid of that stinky garbage disposal smell! Throw in some lemon peels, a tad bit of rosemary, and turn that baby on. It will get rid of any slight smell that might be coming from the disposal and replace it with a fresh scent. If it’s too overwhelming though, just run water to wash out the remnants, and it will smell good as new.

Use the Dishwasher For Stuff Other Than Dishes



Collect all different items that don’t get cleaned very much, such as plastic hairbrushes, kid toys, dog toys, etc. Think about all those items and how many germs they must have on them since we don’t clean those very often. Throw them in the dishwasher! They’re plastic. They’re allowed in there.

The Baking Soda Trick



I’m sure you’re wondering what the baking soda trick is. Well, sprinkle baking soda on everything (carpet, sofa, pillows, drapes,…whatever). Go back over it, and vacuum it all up. It takes no time at all, and it will make your home instantly smell fresh like you spent the whole day cleaning!!

Use Rubber Gloves For Pet Fur



Do you spend so much time vacuuming and trying to pick up the mounds of shed animal fur? We have an easy solution for you. Put on a rubber dishwashing glove, dampen it a little bit, and wipe right over it! Boom! It’s magical how this trick works. You can clean all flooring and furniture fabrics and materials.

Clean Electronics



No one ever thinks about how much we use our electronics, how much time we spend with them in our hands, or how many germs are on each and every electronic we own. Take a couple minutes going through the house and just wiping the TV remote, your phone, the laptop, etc. with an alcohol wipe to get rid of those germs that have built up. While you’re at it, even though it isn’t an electronic, germs build up like crazy on your purse. Take a quick wipe to the bottom and the sides, and do your best to clean the inside as well.

Lint Roll Everything



Last but not least, you can do this while just walking around in your house. Keep a lint roller in hand and just roll it on lamps, pillows, drapes, and purses, anything as you’re walking by. Quick, fast, and easy!

All these cleaning tasks will take a maximum of 5 minutes! No stress. No hard work. Just take a quick swipe here and there, and you’re done!


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Kitchen Cleaning Tips: The Basics

Did you think Spring Cleaning was over? Well, we have bad news and good news. The bad news is that cleaning never stops, but the good news is that if you keep up with it, you will have an impeccably clean home and will only have to clean a little at a time. Think all the wonderful summer months ahead that we hope to have many cookouts and parties in our homes. We all want to maintain a clean and crisp kitchen for when our lovely guests make an appearance. There isn’t a better time to start it. So, get up ladies, and lets start our kitchen cleaning!



1. To begin, zap your stone counter stains with hydrogen peroxide. You can remove most coffee or juice stains with a little hydrogen peroxide in water mixed with a few drops of ammonia. For everyday wear and tear of your stone countertops, buff away small scratches with superfine dry steel wool called “grade 0000.” This, we consider, every day basic kitchen cleaning. Just have that little mixture on hand all the time.



2. Use baking soda to mop up tile. To clean tile floors or a backsplash, we suggest mixing baking soda and water together as a homemade cleaner. Pour half a cup of baking soda into two gallons of water, and scrub with a sponge or string mop.



3. Clean Cast iron with salt. To clean a cast-iron pan, add 2 tablespoons of oil and place on medium heat. Once the pan is heated, pour in 3 tablespoons of salt. Next, using a tong to hold a paper towel, scour until clean. Finally, rinse and coat with vegetable oil to cure. Done! This is a kitchen cleaning secret that needs to be heard!



4. Shine floors with white vinegar. Everyone wants their wood floors to have that nice clean shine, so get yourself a bucket and pour nine parts water to one part white vinegar. This cheap trick has been passed around for decades!



5. Wipe away wall splatters. There are basically two types of stains on painted walls: oil and waterborne. For the waterborne ones, we suggest you take a wet cloth or paper towel to clean them away. These stains would include things like ketchup, wine, Jell-O, mustard, and other water based substances. For oily stains, such as cooking grease or crayons, try using a little mild dish washing soap mixed with water, and then, rinse with water as well.



6. Remove Tarnish with ketchup! It’s not just for french fries! To remove tarnish from copper and brass fixtures, pots, and pans, give ketchup a shot. Dab some onto a soft cloth and gently rub. Finish by rinsing with warm water.

That’s all we’ve got today for kitchen cleaning tips, but don’t worry! There are many more tips and tricks to come!


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