Create Your Dream Closet

Do you think Carrie Bradshaw, Lauren Conrad, or Coco Chanel would be proud when walking into your closet? Let’s be real, probably not. So now you ask yourself, how can I step up my closet game? Well, let’s turn it into a fashion icon’s paradise.




Since you’re the type of girl who cares about what her closet looks like, I’m assuming you want girly, glitz glamour. You want it to look chic. We can accomplish that.




First, we can start with the size of the room. Steal that extra bedroom that is just filled with clutter. Be honest with yourself. You have an unnecessary amount of clothes. You need all that room.




In order to achieve the stylish look we’re all hoping for, paint it white! Paint the walls, the ceiling, and the hardwood floor all white. If you aren’t a fan of hardwood floors, put in wall-to-wall plush carpeting. Fix up that plain door! If you don’t have room to put in French doors (because that is extremely stylish), just exchange your single door for a glass or vintage door. Both are stylish and will complete the basic look you are going for.

Shoe Selection



Are your shoes cute enough to put on display? Use floating shelves all lined up on the wall from top to bottom. Color-coordinate them! Make it look like a collection!




You will want a tri-fold mirror with a platform, because in our minds, everything looks better when on a platform and you can see multiple angles. It’s okay if you don’t have room for that though! Just add a glamour mirror on the wall surround by shelves holding up your favorite fashion magazines and items.




All that’s left is to add your own personal charm. We suggest extra items such as a classic French chair, a vintage coat rack, vintage suitcases, couture shopping bags, a fur rug, a center island, and a chandelier.

You’ve finished! You should be living your dream! Just keep it clean and chic, and feel free to share with us your exciting new reveals!


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payday loans texas Empty Nest?? RE-NEST!!

We recently came across this article by Fox News, 6 Ways to Spice Up Your Empty Nest, and found #5 to be quite appealing —


Sure, sitting in your absent child’s bedroom can be somewhat therapeutic. But we think that turning those rooms into spaces you can personally enjoy is a much better way to set the tone to your next life chapter! It’s the time to start to make your house your OWN!

What you turn the space into…well, thats totally up to you!!

white room_0

This sophisticated study is a perfect idea for an empty room. A space to escape and unwind, write a poem, or just curl up with a good book.


Ever dreamed of a fancy closet with all the bells and whistles? Now is the time to transform that “empty” room into the closet of your wildest imagination!!


Number 3 says to LEARN MORE THINGS!! How about an art studio, or pottery room. Let’s turn this space into a creative zone for your new hobbies and interests. Much more functional than just another guest bedroom. Agreed?!


How about a sports room?! Any guy would drool over the opportunity to sit in-front of a line up of ESPN tuned-in televisions!


Having an empty nest should not be a “syndrome” but rather an excuse to revamp, restyle and most importantly REINVENT!!!

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