Day 15: Grunge Walls

Hey y’all!

Yep, I said y’all.

Don’t blame me, it is a result of the new Taylor Swift album I have been jamming out to in the studio today.

Courtesy of the bestie, who knows Im a sucker for some good ‘ol chick music!

Today we are going to feature an emerging trend in both design and fashion…

Modern design has taken a turn for the aged — figuratively speaking of course, and it has revealed its dark side. No longer do perfectly skimmed walls and finely finished furniture resemble refined design.

Recently, there has been a major shift on the emphasis of what defines modern, traditional and even contemporary design. The easiest way, and most widely known, is by coining it “eclectic”.  A mix of transposable furnishings and worldly artifacts combined with a subtle sense of glamor.

Today, its all about the grunge.

Its about revealing the layers and exposing the raw elements that hold an interior’s heavy weight and untold history. Peeled paint, exposed brick, rusted metal, raw wood — all are embraced!!

Here are some awesome photos of grunge design I am dying for:

Photos via: Home Adore Design you TrustConcrete Wall Wallcoverings (soo cool!!)