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Like that of the fashion world, the interior design realm is a constantly evolving gear house; as designers, we are always taking inspiration from all facets of design. Be it graphics, fashion, architecture, or even custom hot rods – great design comes from a place of vision, creativity and most of all, inspiration. Being able take a new (or old) concept, apply it to a real life situation and produce an overall aesthetic space is a talent!!

Most great designs start from a small thought inside the designers head, and from there its onto the paper. We are problem solvers, we write it out, we sketch, we ponder, we erase, we go somewhere else, we collaborate, we decide. The sketch may not be perfect, but the concept is there. The vehicle has arrived, free reign to dream!!

In this blog series, Design&Fashion[sister,sister], we are going to show you a fashion sketch along with some interiors that could have been a inspiration to the designer. It is a fun way to reverse the process and show how inspiration can come from anyone, anywhere at any time!!

Contempo-Mod Mashup 


This sketch inspired us in so many ways! First off, we love the mixture of soft and hard design elements. This can be represented in an interior by the use of different fabrics and textures. The miss matched shoes in the sketch represent a fabulous way to bring a funky-ness to the space, like “hmmmm…something is not quite right here.” Red, Black and White are a timeless combination of colors – bold and modern.

Here are a few designs that we think capture the essence of the sketch:


A little trippppy, but a lot FUN! Love the playfulness of this room, and did you notice that there is a “hidden” door on the wall to the right?! So neat!


Holy chandelier. That’s it. No, but seriously…its HUGE for the space, but for some reason I don’t hate it!


Always wanted to do black wallpaper, maybe one day we’ll have the client ;;) The tone on tone is quite yummy.


This one doesn’t quite do it for me, in regards to being inspired by the sketch. Oh well, what do you think?


However, his is pretty much exactly what one would expect their room to look like if the sketch was the only thing you had to go on. Don’t you agree?


Nice use of space! Love the Marrakech tile – serves art and purpose!


Pop of….RED.


Same, but BAM with that chandelier…side note, cute stripe armchair. Yes, please!


Sucker for wallpaper…this was our fave. Texture, tone on tone, pops of red and by looking at the time on those clocks..somethings a little bit off!! 😉

This contempo-mod mashup was so much fun!! We have lots more inspired sketches to show you, so make sure to check back!!


What do you think, did this sketch inspire you? Leave a comment below!

Check back for our next Design&Fashion [sister,sister] fashion inspired post!


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