7 Ways to Use that Colorful Couch


Take a seat on the colorful couch bandwagon! The new fall trend is to use colorful couches in your living room or den. It adds an updated cool, modern look. Any color that caters to your liking, we can make it work! We have seven ways for you to accomplish this stylish new craze.


If you already have bright furniture, our first tip will work best for you! Surround the new couch with light and color. All different hues work best; that way, as it tones down the electricity of all the other furniture. The background should be either white or a neutral. To add to the lightness of the room, try a white rug!




To play around with the style of the room as well, use furniture and tables made out of wood and metal. It will give it a harder feel, instead of a soft, feminine feel. This technique works best if the couch color you’re using is a little on the darker side, such as a pure blue or a Kelly green. Depending on what the look is you’re going for, you can soften it up with lighter colored accessories.


If you don’t want an overload of white just to make the couch work, try using a neutral paint color with a white trim. Use a beige rug instead of white if you’d like. To tie in the eccentric couch, use large artwork pieces and a few colorful accessories. This way is supposed to keep the room simple with a few accents.




This next technique is very similar to the one above, but instead of a neutral/white rug, use a colorful rug! Also, try and use gray curtains. This combination makes the couch seem less bold, but still gives you a fun vibe.


A step people tend to stray away from is layering your sofa with pillows, but it looks so great if you get it right! Our huge designer tip here is to have white walls. Use different patterned pillows and eclectic art. Layering patterns is hard to get right, but when you find the ones that fit well together, you’ll know it is the right choice for your room.


Most of these ideas come with white or neutral walls, but one of our seven suggestions is to use an entirely white room: white walls and white carpets. Just white out the whole room! Add the colorful couch with the same color used in artwork in the room. It adds a fresh feel with an upbeat pop.




Our last designer tip is opposite of every room suggestion so far! Go dark on the walls. What?! We know. Use dark charcoal walls with a bright rug and cheery accessories. Bring in the lively couch to brighten up the room! It’s a different method, but if you typically go for a darker room than the fresh, light room, this is the way to go.

These are our seven techniques for the new fall trend. Our last tip is used throughout most of these methods, but white is the easiest color to decorate around. You can do so much with white in the background, and it automatically gives it this fresh, airy touch. Have fun with the room. Mix it up. Show off your style!


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