4 Ways to Get Creative Each Day

We know it is so hard to stay inspired and be creative every morning and throughout the day. We’ve learned tips and tricks to staying on the ball and getting work done! Being creative is something that should be practiced every day, because it keeps your mind flowing and picks your brain. The best way to challenge yourself is to start early in the morning, so here are a few things you can do bright and early in the morning to start your creative day off right!

Take a Shower



     Taking a shower in the morning instead of at night gives your mind a few minutes to review what you did the day before and go over everything you have to do that day. Think about what you wish you could change about the previous, and fix that issue that current day. We all know we think the most when we’re relaxed, so take a hot shower! Relax. Think.

Make a To-Do List



     After considering all the things that need to get accomplished, make your to-do list for the day. Try to list in the order of most important to least important, and then, just go down the list crossing things off one by one. When you have your set to-do list, you will feel much more organized and in control of the day ahead.

Give Yourself Some Credit



     Look around your apartment. Compliment your style and design taste. More than likely, your apartment is a direct reflection of your personality. If not, hang up some artwork you love. Put out some décor that is your own personal, unique style. This small admiration will bring about a smile, and we all know life is defined by those small waves of happiness.

Drink a Glass of Water



     This one might seem a little funny, but this is a little trick we have picked up on. This one glass of water will wake you up quite a bit and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to go!

Nowadays, we are always looking for ways to keep us inspired to get us through each day. Not only is it healthy to stay creative and constantly working your mind, but also, it’s fun! Comment and share with us your favorite way to keep your creative juices flowing!


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Get the Rustic Look: The Wooden Headboard

Wooden headboards are hitting the interior playing ground hard! They are very cost effective when they are reused from old furniture at home, and they tend to last a very long time! They can create both modern and rustic looks for a variety of bedroom spaces. Today, we have a few simple, natural-looking headboard ideas that can be implemented at home with much ease. All the items you will need you pick up from your local Home Depot, or you might even have the items available at home already!



Have any old window frames you’re dying to throw out?! Well, think again! Old window frames can be reused and upcycled into a number of different decorative items for your home. Like this project, for instance! If you don’t have any old window frames available, you can just pick up some wood planks while at Home Depot or a sister store. You can start by painting the frames to your desired color, sanding them down, or leaving them as is if you’d like. This is going to be your headboard, so decorate it however your little heart pleases. Depending on how long the frames are, you can either attach them to the base of your bed, screw them into the wall above your bed, or simply lean them against the wall temporarily to see if you’re comfortable with the design.



Why not add a branch to your headboard? Decorate a wooden branch with hanging florals that make the headboard look unique and colorful. It’s the perfect way to add a little bit of color and vibrancy to your space through the use of beautiful additives! If you already have a tall headboard, you can screw open hooks into it to hold the branch upright. You can then either make your own floral strings, or find a few at your local craft store, and tie them around the branch to dangle.



Make it your own. We don’t have a structured list of steps, but if you want a few hints, nail a long wooden plank on the black to hold everything together, use stencils or tracing paper if you want to put a design on it, and it looks best if you build a matching bed frame. 🙂


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