A new home for A.Clore Interiors, and the struggle was real!

11133680_10153143901604002_7548063687263094850_nIt’s official – we’ve moved! After two years in a smaller place on Park Ave., we have made the move to bigger and better things – a new boutique studio in the heart of downtown Sanford, FL! At 116 Palmetto Avenue, we finally feel we are in the center of a burgeoning downtown arts district that will only help our brand grow and expand. With over a thousand feet to let our creativity run wild, including designer furniture, lighting, home décor, and retail offerings, like a custom line of 100% natural bath and body products, we have a fearless belief that the new A.Clore boutique will only further the evolution of the Sanford downtown. Now for a little more about how we got here….


Last year, we realized we were completely outgrowing the space we were in, and we needed a place to expand. We wanted to add more staff, and a larger library for our resources, and we were also committed to the move to the heart of downtown as a way to gain more visibility and the brand recognition we sought for A.Clore.

Sanford is really growing and it has so much opportunity and potential – I wanted to become a foundational part of that initial infrastructure, and I knew it was within reach thanks to my amazing team and a courageous vision!

So, what started out as your everyday storefront on Palmetto Ave. soon transformed to a magical haven for everything interior, but not without plenty of hard work. We have so many people to thank – friends, family, workers, we couldn’t have made our dream a reality without you!!


The foundation of our aesthetic vision for the store was to create a blank canvas upon which clients could imagine any interior design creation. We wanted to let the pillows and products pop against the white, and we didn’t want to influence clients in anyway by creating a distinctive aesthetic in the store that might prove overwhelming to their own imagination. So, we made sure all the walls were white to try to minimize some of the powerful effects color has on the psyche, and give them a black slate to create something all their own.



Inside, this wasn’t very difficult. We simply painted the walls white. It was the outside that took a fierce commitment to our vision! We had to cover tiles with a wrap in order to get them white, and this was so much more work than we imagined. Still, we remained steadfast to our vision and saw it out to the end.


In addition to a blank canvas, clients have so much to look forward to when they visit the new A.Clore boutique. Visitors can expect more products, more things to look at, and the space to be more creative. We are already planning to hold events here, showcasing all the fabrics and products we offer.
IMG_8379 DSC_0560


In addition to our existing home décor products, we also have plenty of new surprises in store! We’ve always asked ourselves, is the home healthy? Does it make you feel safe, full of wellness, creative, inspired? Well, we are extending that ideal beyond your four walls, and asking you to consider if you yourself are healthy in your home. Our commitment to health-consciousness and the environment has fused a new endeavor for A.Clore: a bath and body line! We are now working with a local herbalist to showcase her SUBMERGE Bath and Body line because we believe in the product, and are committed to taking a holistic and green approach to life. It all starts in the home, in what we put into the air and into our space.



Our overarching vision for the new boutique? We want to become “THAT SHOP.” We want our clients to expect to have a one-of-a-kind experience every time they walk through our doors. We believe what sets us apart is our genuine care for the client, whether a retail client or a design client.

My end goal is that every client feels happy and confident, every client loves their space, and every client feels like we successfully translated the vision in their head into the space in their home.

Whenever you’re in need of some eclectic furnishings, accessories, or delightful bath salts , A. Clore Interiors boutique has got you covered. Whether designing a tabletop or a three-bedroom home, stop in for personalized service, creative vision and that one-of-a-kind style you can always expect from A.Clore!


ABOUT: A.Clore Interiors’ CEO, Amber Clore, is a licensed Interior Designer who has been practicing for over 15 years. After earning her Bachelor’s degree from Florida State University and growing her Interior Design passion into a prominent business, Amber quickly discovered a gap in the interior design marketplace. Her youthful energy and mature sense of style have created a niche in Sanford and in the design world. Amber has had the pleasure to work with several NBA and NFL athletes, Elected Officials and Disney/Celebration Resorts to make their design dreams a reality. Because her transformations are visually striking, functional, and timeless, Amber’s success has been showcased on several design shows and renowned media outlets like HGTV, Houzz.com, Fox35 Good Day Orlando, and more. Amber and her staff are very active in the design community and she is currently the Director at Large for the ASID Florida North Chapter. Visit the firm’s website for more information on Amber and her exciting design portfolio, www.acloreinteriors.com.


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