#FridayFavorites: Interior Design Styles – Industrial

Along with entering the New Year, we are starting a new series about each different interior design style, and this week, we’re starting with industrial. It’s a favorite of ours and has a very diverse look. You can take any piece of decor or furniture that has an industrial feel and make it look masculine or feminine which makes this style a very sought after design.


For an industrial style home, you need an industrial style foundation. You can achieve this look with a cool gray, on-trend vinyl tile and a dark chalkboard wall. It gives a unique feel guided more towards a creative mind. Remember when it comes to wall designs and cabinets, nice wood really complement this style.


We’re sharing some of our favorite industrial pieces of furniture! How cool is this leather chair that has a very antique feel, and check out this filing cabinet desk! Pretty much every website you can buy furniture from categorizes all the furniture and decor by style. Just keep in mind the worn, matte metals and the finished, medium/dark wood will definitely lend a helping hand in scoring this style for your home.

(All the furniture pieces were picked from wayfair.com.)


Here are some of our favorite industrial style decor items that we’re sure you’ll love! We have featured some trinkets for a vignette, a hanging mirror, a vase (yes, the brass pipe is a vase), and a wooden clock. These are the perfect items to place around your home to really add that special quality to achieve the look you are hoping for!


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