Design Trends of Fall 2018

As summer fades, fall comes in with a breathe of fresh air. This fall season, we’re seeing lots of old styles brought back in modern ways. Time to renovate those vintage pieces of furniture you have and let them fulfill their purpose again!

Mid-Century Mod

We love a good blast from the past! In today’s designs, we’re seeing the simple, color block patterns that once raved during the 1950s- 1970s. This integrated design is now referred to as “mid-century mod” and catching on with a lot of millennials. Characteristics of it include clean, smooth lines, often shown through furniture and art. The furniture is also made out of wood, in a warm, almost orange tone. Fabric materials such as leather and velvet are mixed together. Primary colors are making an appearance through this trend too, and other bright hues like orange and green.

Notice mid-century style popular colors, lines, and wood tones of these furniture pieces.

Mixed Wood Tones

Mixing wood can make a home feel more comforting and add interest in a subtle or impactful way. You now see furniture with darker bases and lighter tops, rather than one hue all around. This technique is popular in country-chic designs, or warm nautical designs.

You can easily see these tones enhancing each other in the same space.

Gold Accents

If home buyers were to walk into a home 5 years ago, the brass hardware would immediately need to be “updated”. Now, it’s commonly used to accent white and add a luxurious feel to any space. From cabinet pulls, to lighting casing, to furniture legs, little touches of gold have become glamorized again! This came from the rose-gold trend, and is seen as very feminine.

Take note of the brass accents, from the vases to the fireplace pokes.

Updated Traditional

We rarely see the worn-down, dark rugs with a very symmetrical trellis design on them. But, we’re still seeing the same design, just in a new light! Rugs are used to ties colors together, or more modernly, stick out as the piece of art. The traditional pattern has been revamped with bright colors, or cool grey, with purposefully faded spots. You may see a patchwork pattern thrown in there too. Chandeliers with a new modern take are also being installed every day!

From rugs, to throws, to the chandelier!


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