How to use Faux Iron Decorative Grilles

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They can make a pretty nice backdrop to professional photos, too!

Open floor plans are what everyone is looking for right now. Understandably so, because they provide open sightlines, utilize square footage, and let natural light flood the room. With a family though, trying to use an open room utilized for different activities though can be too loud. Designating rooms to use in a large, long room can be hard though without the traditional walls to create these.  Solid walls and doors can either take up too much space or ruin the openness perks of a room. Our favorite way to allocate space in a large area is with room dividers, specifically faux iron ones! These add personality with a unique pattern while allowing light and sight to continue throughout the space. Take a look at some projects we’ve done highlighting these!

iron room dividers between a lounge space and home office

Stylishly dividing a lounge space and home office.

Dining and living room dividers

Separating the dining and living rooms.

Other than their very functional use, faux iron dividers can easily add elegance to any room. In a formal setting, they’re the perfect addition of patterns to add an art interest. They can be mounted virtually anywhere you’re creative enough to think of; this includes ceilings, closet doors, or between wood paneling detail on walls! By adding function and design, they’ll upgrade the sense of worth in a simple room.

Our go-to place to get these items is through Tableaux® Decorative Grilles. (Instagram @tableauxgrilles) They offer a plethora of designs and colors to choose from, perfect for fitting each house’s style. Where do we most often use them? Because they’re great for seamlessly separating spaces, we often use them between a dining or cooking space from the living room next door. If a front door leads right into the living room, placing one between this creates the inviting feeling of an entryway while allowing light from the door into the house. With the ability to customize a lot, they’re easily usable in any space in many ways, really. Maybe you just need to connect a wall partition to the ceiling or close a large opening a little more, too. One of our favorite creative uses we found was creating a focal point to an expensive chandelier by adding detail above it.

Ceiling chandelier detail

Get creative and treat the ceiling as a 5th wall!

An added bonus: we see these on exteriors very often, too! They’re durable and fit in the nooks on exterior walls, hinting at a Spanish style, which does great on Florida homes. They can be the perfect addition to a boring front door’s side panels, too. Have a huge wall of windows? Add some oomph while letting light stream through with fitted iron for the top windows. Even using four square pieces as unique wall art can elevate the space. We’ve found that when effectively incorporated, these grilles will add a high-end feel to many homes. For more ideas, here are some others’ projects that we love using faux iron!

Sheri Bruneau Interior Design Instagram

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Henderson Design Studio Instagram

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Also, if you love the idea of putting these grilles up as wall art, we have more ideas on how to transform your walls into art here!

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Designing Around a Family

Today, everyone is stuck at home. Even without quarantine in place, sharing a home with a large family can be a struggle. Whether you’re hosting parents, growing out of your current place, or working from home for the foreseeable future, we recognize your struggle. Here at A. Clore Interiors, it is our goal to elevate your home by working with what you have. And luckily, our two designers, Amber and Ariel, are Aging-in-Place specialists, meaning you can trust our designs to accommodate you for years to come.

When your living situation grows beyond what it was originally intended for, it can make one feel overwhelmed and trapped. This blog will help you accommodate those not-so-ideal situations within your four walls.

Adapting design for all ages

Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) is a program by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) that teaches the essential skills to complete home modifications in residential remodels. This includes meeting the needs of older citizens and finding solutions to common barriers. You may need this assistance if older family members reside at your home; problems can arise around their accessibility. Some common issues are a raised shower tub, a 2nd-floor bedroom, or using the toilet. A couch may even be too squishy for your grandmom to easily stand up from.

If this is your situation, contact us about how we can help resolve this trouble. For now, here are some simple solutions. A minor bathroom remodel may be required to keep grandmom happy. Walk-in showers are safer and placing a chair or bench within these make it even more comfortable and lessen the risk of tripping. Handrails placed next to the toilet are an easy safety installation. If there are no designated bedrooms located on the bottom floor, it may be worth it to switch an office or bonus room on the first floor for the room the grandparents sleep in now to ensure their safety over an extended period of time, too.

NAHB Certified Aging in Place

Our CAPS, Amber and Ariel!


Designating spaces

More often than not, the reason one gets frustrated by their current living situation is that it is not meeting its full potential. A common problem: Where should I work? Is your dining room table always covered in homework or are you trying to get work done in the living room with rowdy kids? If this is the case, find a quiet corner in the house to place a desk. We recommend against this being in your bedroom, though, for working where you sleep can often be unsettling. To set up an effective small work area, all you need is a lamp for decent lighting, clear organizers to avoid messiness, and a table near an outlet preferably. It is important to set up ground rules with your family, like established work times and no-play zones (where kids can’t keep their messy toys), so you can avoid stepping on each other’s feet too much.

A kid’s art nook tucked off the eating space with storage as a space separator.


Accommodating a crowd

The best way to adapt to an overgrown space is to think outside the box. Innovative storage solutions are a good start. If your house lacks organization, look into multi-functional furniture pieces that cover less space. If the walls seem to be closing in, remember to design up! This means tall dressers, not low wide ones.; think wall bins and hanging storage on the backs of doors to keep items off the ground. This can come in handy for the pantry, closets, and entryways with little kids. Stackable bins and sliding wire baskets come in affordable kits you can find off Amazon then label to work best for you. Sometimes the problem is too overwhelming for one to handle, that’s where we can step in with expert design insight, too.

Here’s our own studio’s way of designing up! These panels ensure we neatly display all of our fabric inventory.



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