Shabby-Chic | Channeling the French Countryside

If you are following us on Facebook, then you know all about our #designerdig of the week! A couple weeks ago we were digging on Shabby-Chic. But exactly what is shabby chic??!!

Shabby-chic is an ode to the Rococo movement, an 18th-century artistic movement. Rococo is a style that indulges in heavy ornamentation, light colors and its iconic French curves. Where Rococo is formal and ornate, shabby-chic is relaxed and modest. Shabby-chic owes its beauty to its simplicity and elegant details.


Shabby-chic is firmly rooted in the French countryside, distressed finishes countered by delicate patterns help form the base of this style. From its sun bleached pastels to its antique inspired furniture, shabby-chic knows with age comes refined beauty.


For a cohesive light & bright color scheme that’s timelessly stylish, keep everything white! Using floral patterns in subtle colors, reminiscent of French china, can help round out this otherwise sterile look.


Shabby-chic bedrooms have an air of faded glamour to them, graceful lines are essential for selecting furniture in this style.


Don’t let this cottage style push you away from ornate pieces. Remember the words of French Novelist Honoré de Balzac, “Whoever does not visit Paris regularly will never really be elegant.”

Wanna see how Halloween can be Shabby-Chic??!! Check it out here!!


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