It’s Beginning to Smell A Lot Like Christmas!

The holidays are here! You’re going to have guests galore! (You probably already do!) Don’t you want your house smelling amazing all the time? We have 5 easy ways to make your home have the welcoming aroma we all strive for.



First and foremost, the easiest way to get that fresh holiday smell is to bake cookies or some baked goods in the oven. The warming scent of sugary goodness is always the most welcoming smell you can achieve.



While were on the topic of cooking, simmer some water in a saucepan with a few citrus slices and some herbs. Throw in any herbs you would like, whatever appeals to your senses. The aroma fills the entire house and gives a calm presence.



If you have a green thumb, (and even if you don’t) get a few indoor plants! They clean the air and bring about a fresh, clear smell. If you can’t keep a plant alive, house succulents! They’re easy to take care of, and it’s really hard to kill them. They’ll be in good hands.



Clean your garbage disposal!! That funky smell in your home? Yeah, that’s coming from your kitchen sink most likely. Would you like a way to fix that? Try putting a dollop of lemon-scented dish soap down your kitchen sink disposal. Run some water down through it, and then, turn the disposal on. It will leave your sink smelling clean and fresh.



Last but not least, what always makes every room smell lovely? Oh, that’s right! Candles! Place the candles around your home strategically. Place them unlit in closets, because they will still spread the great scent to whatever is in your closets.


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