Transition From Summer To Fall!

The seasons are changing! Fall is about to begin! To keep up with this beautiful transition into colorful leaves and lower temperatures, we should transition our homes as well. It just makes sense. We have come up with some easy, fun ways to start this wonderful transition into fall.

Accent Pillows



Switch out your light, summer-y decorative pillows for warmer colors to give it a cozy, fall feel. While you’re at it, switch out the curtains, blankets, and throws as well! These are wonderful ways to show off your fall colors and a unique, seasonal personality.

A Cozy Bedroom



You have the airy, fresh bedroom that summer called for including white sheets and light coming in from every angle. Now, it’s time to bring in the neutral, warmer colors. Replace the crisp linens for cozier and comfier fabrics. This is by far the easiest way to progress along with the seasons. Change up the throw blanket, and you will have a wonderfully different effect.

Decorate with Nature



Fall is all about the leaves changing and pumpkin patches. Utilize these nature changes in your home decor! Place sticks and branches around them, or, if you’d like, you can put them together in bowls or vases giving it more of an organized outdoorsy look. If branches and sticks aren’t really your thing, use seasonal fruit! The best fall fruits to decorate with are apples and pears. They are clear indications of the fall season. To spice up your décor even more, add candles, gourds, and nuts, and to give this a fancier effect, you can spray paint the decorations metallic and neutral colors, such as cream and gold.

The Candle Tray



The candle tray is a great décor idea that helps a room feel warm and comfortable. Collect a group of candles of all different sizes and heights and place them on a tray that adds to the room you are currently decorating. The fun thing about this is you can change it up at any point in time, and it will always look great. Throw on some iron lanterns to give it a darker touch.

Dining Room Décor



You always want to keep up your dining room with the seasons, because that is the room in which you can show off all of your nice items and individual style. Replace your plates and table linens with ones in a fall color palette. Candles, pumpkins, and fresh fruit make great centerpieces that you can decorate with however you would like.

Prepare Your Fireplace



Let’s face the facts; you will spend the most time end of fall around the fireplace. You will surely want to have your fireplace decorated and looking beautiful! Create an arrangement with the fall items to place around the fireplace. Your home will be complete for guests to visit in the fall season!


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5 Creepy Halloween Decorations You Have to Try

Halloween Decor

Everyone loves Halloween parties, but they’re always so much better if the decorations actually spook you! We’ve formed a list of the creepiest, spookiest Halloween decorations and the secrets to creating them!

1. Potions Cart



To start out with one of the best, turn your bar cart (that would be stuffed in a corner anyway) into a potion cart! To really achieve a high level of spookiness, make sure to include many jars full of “ingredients,” such as cockroaches, pickled mice, swamp lizard, eyeballs, poison, etc. Get creative with it! Print out a potions book label and cover a book from your library. To give it that extra edge, place ravens on a couple jars to make it look like they’re just hanging out there.

2. Rustic Raven Porch



The outside of your house is definitely just as important as the inside decorations! Make sure your front porch matches the inside by adding some large branches, cream and black pumpkins, and ravens strategically placed on the branches. It has a rustic look almost as if the house is abandoned.

3. Zombie Baby Dolls



Your guests will be sure your home isn’t abandoned from the zombie baby dolls walking about in your front yard. Take your old baby dolls, or if those have sentiment attached to them, buy some at a thrift store, and rough them up a bit. Rip the clothes, pull some of their hair out, and paint scars using blood paint from a Halloween store. Everyone is scared of zombie dolls no matter what they say.

4. Bloody Handprints



This is very simple and easy to do. Using the same blood paint from the Halloween store, place bloody handprints on the glass doors to look like someone has been dragged away. It’s a classic decoration that is sure to give the whole room a spooky feel.

5. Emerging Head Frame



This last idea is extra creepy! Buy a Styrofoam mannequin head, or use a baby doll head, and glue cheesecloth to it. When it is all glued to the cheesecloth, tape the rest of the cheesecloth to the picture/mirror to make it appear as if the head is emerging from the wall.


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