First Impression Importance


We all know that a great first impression is incredibly important. Wouldn’t you want that same first impression for your home as well? We’re here to share with you little tips and tricks we know that will contribute to making your home have a phenomenal first impression!

Switch Out Your Hardware

First Impression


Many people don’t realize the impact hardware makes. You have quite a few different options when it comes to metals as well. People tend to think they’re restricted, but there are crafted metals such as brass and steel that make a unique impact. Try to think of the hardware as the jewelry of the room!

Pay Attention To Lighting

First Impression


Lots of the time lighting is an afterthought, but it never should be! It may be the one item in the room that can completely alter the overall look and function of each space. Play around with the scales. Get bold. Make it a decorative focal point. Also, think about convenience when placing your lighting. You might want to add it under cabinets to help with food preparation if you enjoy cooking. Think about your day-to-day schedule to help with the reality of this first impression trick.

Go Thrift Shopping

kitchen island


Find those unexpected items, but make sure they’re functional. You don’t want to just add clutter. That doesn’t help any room. Look for some trendy hooks or chalkboards. Think of mini DIY projects to turn trash into a treasured item. This will add personality to the room definitely helping with that first impression.

Add Interesting Backsplash

First Impression


Backsplash always spices up a kitchen, but especially when it has a cool unthinkable pattern. Typically geometric tiles will help achieve a trendy vibe. Be careful on the colors you choose. Make sure you don’t make it look too busy or overwhelming. Keep it fun, light, and playful.

Add An Accent Wall



Some people may say this is going out of style, but this is one trick that is easy and makes a great, pleasant first impression. It doesn’t take much effort either! Just grab a paint bucket and a paintbrush. The best pair we can think of is any bold wall with white cabinets. Pure perfection.

Maximize Your Seating Area



It’s a fact that having more room for people to sit and enjoy each other’s company gives a much more inviting presence causing a better first impression. Try to add more seating in every room. A comfy bench will be sure to add a cozy feeling to your kitchen table. To really redesign the look, try a built-in banquette. Place an accent chair or two around the coffee table in the living room. It makes the conversation area smaller and more intimate making the room more welcoming.

Get A Little Contrast



Dive head first into trends and paint your upper and lower cabinets different colors! Have your kitchen represent your personality. Get artsy, trendy, and creative. This is becoming a raging style right now and you should jump aboard this trending train. The whole style feels very chic. It’s definitely a must-have in your home!

Chic Ceilings



Ceilings can be used to showcase some serious creativity and spunk. On the other hand, it could also be very helpful when cooking. In case you don’t know, ceilings can absorb or reflect light depending on the hues of colors you use. The lighter the hue, the more light is reflected from the ceiling.

Small Space Patterns



By adding patterns into a small space, you can create a more lively area that has a much homier feel. Even though the natural reaction is to use neutrals in a little space, it can really make it more appealing and alluring by placing patterns in the mix.

Countertop Change-Up

First Impression


This one includes not only a big impact but also a slightly larger wallet. It is completely worth it though! Changing up your countertops can completely transform the look of your kitchen. Go for granite! Many people hesitate when they want to use granite because it requires sealing, but it’s actually incredibly easy to clean and looks great. It definitely keeps the “wow” factor strong for quite some time.

Keep your home looking first impression presentable all the time! Stay updated on new trends and styles with us, here at A.Clore Interiors!


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