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This past week A.Clore Interiors was front and center at the South East Builders Conference in Orlando, FL. We were able to speak with builders and designers from all over Florida. Luckily enough we go to see first hand some tricks of the trade and now were are hear to share them with you. With the housing market on the rebound after a few tough years here are a few “new” features making waves in design. Now we say “New” in quotations simply because a few of these ideas are simply coming back in play after years of retirement!!

For instance gold and brass hardware are back! Which is great because we love mixing metals in a space for a more eclectic look!

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 12.43.40 PM

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 12.42.22 PM

Also making it’s way back is light hardwood flooring. This can really open up a room making it appear larger than it really is!

new york loft living room cococozy white


New to the design scene however are these beautiful photo gallery/family photo walls! Now hallways and stairwells are bare-no-more! Great way to add a personal touch and finishing it off with proper lighting creates a focal point in any room.

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 12.47.06 PM


Which are you most excited for the hardware that is making it’s come back or are you already gatering old family photos to showcase?! Let us know.


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Day 5: Accent Rugs

Decorating with accent rugs is one of the easiest ways to revitalize, update and beautify any room in your home. They are a great way to add color to an otherwise neutral room. Designers often use them to create a focal point or define a certain area of interest.

They add visual and physical warmth to hard surfaces like tile, stone or concrete. A more functional use for rugs is as a protectant to not so resilient flooring like hardwood.

Accent rugs are also used to pull the design elements of a room together. They are helpful in breaking up the monotony or defining separate spaces in a room.

They can also be used to blend together the hues and colors of other rooms in the home, creating a cohesive overall design. And they are especially useful in blending, complimenting and creating colorful harmony with any room’s accessories, artwork and furniture.

Most importantly, an accent rug does just that, it accentuates the floor. Whether you are seeking fun and color in the kids room, a snappy statement in the kitchen, a sophisticated new look in the bathroom, or a cozy and comfortable addition to your master bedroom an accent rug can transform the room with minimal effort and expense.

Take a look at some our rug vendors here:

Surya, Global Views, Uttermost

I’m glad you took the time get the low-down on why we are thankful for accent rugs today!! What will we roll out tomorrow?!