How-To: Flower Arrangements

Who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful flower arrangement? They’re perfect home decor all year round, but because of the blooming flowers, they’re especially beautiful in spring and summer. We have tips and tricks for making beautiful flower arrangements for you to keep around your home throughout the summer months!

Choose A Container



This is your first step. You can choose a plain and simple glass vase, you could choose a mason jar, or you could choose a teapot. Literally any container you think is beautiful will work.

Securing The Bottom



You’ll need to place something in the bottom of the container, such as glass chips or pebbles, to secure the stems. It isn’t as necessary for slim containers, but it’s still suggested.

Types Of Flowers



Next, we’re going to choose the flowers we would like to use. There are three different types that will typically go in a flower arrangement. They are line, mass, and filler flowers.

Line Flowers



These are the flowers that pretty much define the shape of the overall arrangement. They give the flower arrangement height and width. You can use snapdragons, dendrobium orchids, or calla lilies; really any tall flower.

Mass Flowers



Mass flowers are the focal flowers that attract attention, such as roses, tulips, or daisies. They’re always placed in the center.

Filler Flowers



These flowers are simply used to just fill up empty space, hence the name. Filler flowers normally grows in clusters on a single stem. Examples of filler flowers are  feverfews, ferns, and chrysanthemums.

Create The Arrangement




Size the mass flower to the container and cut the stem at an angle. Place all sized mass flowers in the container. Add in the line flowers to produce the height and width of the flower arrangement. Organize them how you would like and add in the filler flowers to any leftover empty space. Make sure there is no back side to the arrangement. You want every angle to look beautiful.

Last Trick



Add in a 1/2 tsp of sugar with a little water to help the absorption, and then, add in the rest of the water to fill the container up halfway.

We hope these flower arrangement tips help when creating your beautiful summer home decor! Comment below if you have any tips and tricks of your own you’d like to share!


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Trend Wagon: Florals and Watercolor



Here at A.Clore Interiors, we know everyone is constantly looking for ways to update our homes and outdoor areas, which is why we are showing off the new styles and trends for summer 2015 and including how you can incorporate it in your own homes. There are four trends specifically that will help step up your design game that you can switch around and make your own. Watercolor fabrics and oversized florals will spice up any room in your house, and to give sheer curtains a new twist, you can add them inside OR to your outside patio! We will also give a few ideas of how to renovate your backyard.

The watercolor fabrics are a huge hit this summer! You can add this soft, charming feel to any room with pillows, curtains, or even on a tablecloth. To keep it fresh and summery, choose a print with a white background or add an extremely colorful print in a white room. A way to save some cash and get exactly what you would like is to do it yourself. Pull out your craft apron and get creative! You’ll need a plain fabric, acrylic paint, fabric medium, water, brushes, embroidery hoop, and a paint mixing surface. Stretch the fabric in the embroidery hoop and secure the fabric edges of the area you’re working in. Mix the paint and water. (The thinner the paint, the lighter the color.) Apply the paint to either dry fabric or wet fabric. (Dry fabric will give you sharper edges. Wet fabric will blend the color out more.) Apply a coat and let it dry. Keep repeating these easy steps until you’re happy with your artwork. Four easy steps and you’re done! Make a party out of this craft, and you and your friends will leave with a chic new addition to your house.



A trend that has started in spring but will explode in summer is oversized florals. This trend is in all different mediums: artwork, rugs, floral arrangements, even in fashion on the runway. Oversized floral artwork is what’s seen most often, such as large paintings or photos stretched out. To add an elegant feel to any room though, I suggest a very large floral arrangement. They add a fresh scent along with the stunning appeal if they’re put together correctly. This is another do-it-yourself project that’s easy and livens up a room. Just collect your flowers at the local market or pick them yourself from your garden and choose your container. Add something with weight, such as pebbles or broken tile pieces, to the bottom of the container to secure the stems. Now adding the flowers is the part where you have to choose what you think looks best and want in your home. The three different types of flowers are line flowers that give height and width, mass flowers that give mass, and filler flowers that have lots of little flowers on many stems. Add them all to the container in the order of line flowers, mass flowers, then filler flowers. Any oversize floral arrangement or artwork will surely bring a new elegant appeal to the room.



Sheer curtains are essential to a delightful summer room. Put them in the kitchen around the sink window or by the breakfast table to ensure a relaxed morning and afternoon. The best way overall to keep the clean, crisp feel is to pick a white fabric to let all the sunlight in. In the living room, it normally works best with lighter neutrals, because a lighter neutral is typically easier to work with. In the bedroom, I would suggest light pastels, because they will give the room an alluring romantic ambiance. The most unique thing I’ve seen done with these sheer curtains though, is hanging them outside from woodwork on your backyard patio. It makes the patio look chic and whimsical. Sheer curtains will add a fresh look to any room this summer.



To update your outdoor area for summer 2015, there are many new design projects you can do yourself. To add more light under the trees, put tea lights in mason jars and hang them from the trees. If you would like to add something kid-friendly to the yard, build your own chalkboard table for your kids to draw on. If you have a strong crafty man in your house, build your own pizza oven to entertain friends and family at all your backyard gatherings. A simple and easy project is painting large pots, put a metal or glass surface on top, and use it as a side table out by the pool. You can also paint those old white plastic chairs and give them a clean, modern look. Then again, if you aren’t big into DIY projects, buy a comfy large outside chair and place it under a tree creating yourself an outdoor reading nook. You can also just add an outside rug under your patio furniture, and that rug will add a more comfortable impression.



I hope everyone has an amazing time doing all these do-it-yourself projects and updating your homes and backyards. This summer’s trends are bright and fresh meant to make you feel light and peaceful, so take a day to yourself and relax. Do these projects and just have fun. That’s what summer’s for!


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