Upgrade Your Patio

Summer is half way over! We need to make sure our patios are ready for the end of summer parties and the backyard fall nights. We’re here to help you make your patio space just as inviting as your interiors. Spicing up your backyard is a lot easier than you may think. With the right tools, strength, and some spare time, you’ll have the absolute best hangout spot all your friends will be jealous of!



If your flooring is similar to the one in the picture, no need to put a rug under the table! The flooring has enough style by itself. You can use a table that you already have or buy a new one that will fit in the space comfortably. Then you can buy some outdoor pillows, color or no color, for the sitting area.

If you can, it’d be nice to incorporate light curtains, as shown in the picture below, for both decorative and privacy purposes. Lights must be added for a final touch of pizazz as well! You can choose any hanging lights and place them to drape above your seating area or whatever type of lights you would like really. Your patio is a very versatile space that should show off a bit of your personality. Now, you have designed the ultimate patio to help you enjoy those late summer meals!

upgrade your patio


     Why not make your own day bed to lounge on this season!? There’s no reason to buy expensive outdoor furniture when you can make it yourself. There are countless wood plank projects to try, but you have to start with this one! By using pallets, you can create a modern and chic patio day bed all on your own. To begin this project, you’ll need a lot of wooden planks and screws to make the foundation of the bed, which can be purchased at your local Home Depot. Once the bed is built, you’ll need a mattress to place on top. The photo below used a folding foam mattress from a folding guest bed. Then, you can paint the wood and style your bed however you please!

upgrade your patio2


     For our last idea, you can simply add some colorful paint to your existing furinture. Whether you have plastic chairs, or wooden tables, a little bit of pretty paint won’t hurt! This project is perfect for any patio, but start by figuring out which items of furniture can be safely painted without ruining the material. Then, you can select your favorite summer paint colors and get to work! For a final touch, you can throw in some patterened pillows like the ones shown in the picture below to top off your seating area. You now have a vibrant, summery patio to show off this season!

upgrade your patio3


     We hope you’ve enjoyed our patio ideas and use them as starting points to make your own perfect oasis. Don’t let the heat stop you from making your backyard just as beautiful as the inside of your home. This summer, be creative and let your patio be the talk of the town!


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How-To: Flower Arrangements

Who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful flower arrangement? They’re perfect home decor all year round, but because of the blooming flowers, they’re especially beautiful in spring and summer. We have tips and tricks for making beautiful flower arrangements for you to keep around your home throughout the summer months!

Choose A Container



This is your first step. You can choose a plain and simple glass vase, you could choose a mason jar, or you could choose a teapot. Literally any container you think is beautiful will work.

Securing The Bottom



You’ll need to place something in the bottom of the container, such as glass chips or pebbles, to secure the stems. It isn’t as necessary for slim containers, but it’s still suggested.

Types Of Flowers



Next, we’re going to choose the flowers we would like to use. There are three different types that will typically go in a flower arrangement. They are line, mass, and filler flowers.

Line Flowers



These are the flowers that pretty much define the shape of the overall arrangement. They give the flower arrangement height and width. You can use snapdragons, dendrobium orchids, or calla lilies; really any tall flower.

Mass Flowers



Mass flowers are the focal flowers that attract attention, such as roses, tulips, or daisies. They’re always placed in the center.

Filler Flowers



These flowers are simply used to just fill up empty space, hence the name. Filler flowers normally grows in clusters on a single stem. Examples of filler flowers are  feverfews, ferns, and chrysanthemums.

Create The Arrangement




Size the mass flower to the container and cut the stem at an angle. Place all sized mass flowers in the container. Add in the line flowers to produce the height and width of the flower arrangement. Organize them how you would like and add in the filler flowers to any leftover empty space. Make sure there is no back side to the arrangement. You want every angle to look beautiful.

Last Trick



Add in a 1/2 tsp of sugar with a little water to help the absorption, and then, add in the rest of the water to fill the container up halfway.

We hope these flower arrangement tips help when creating your beautiful summer home decor! Comment below if you have any tips and tricks of your own you’d like to share!


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