Spring Cleaning With Your Easter Guests In Mind

Spring is here! Easter is coming fast, and you need to prepare your home for all of your incoming guests. While you’re tidying up your home, might as well nip Spring Cleaning in the bud! We have formed the perfect list for Spring Cleaning that includes preparing for your guests. Let’s get started with the basics!

The Basics:



1. Start by dusting all surfaces, corners, edges, fans, lights, and doors. Knock that out first. It sounds like a lot, but it should be quick, fast, and easy.

2. Move on to washing all baseboards, wiping switches, doorknobs, countertops, vents, and anything else you can think of that might need wiping. While you’re at it, go ahead and spot clean the walls.



3. Go through each bedroom and bathroom collecting pillows, blankets, rugs, towels, bedding, and any other laundry that needs cleaning. Wash and put away all items. If you have any questions about deep-cleaning rugs, check out our previous post specifically about Deep-Cleaning Rugs, and it will give you all the information you need to know.

4. Clean and wipe down all appliances big and small. This includes everything from your fridge to your washer and dryer to your food processor. EVERYTHING. Try to get under all the appliances too, because that’s where most dust and build up is.



5. Tackle the bathrooms. Scrub all toilets, tubs, and showers. Scrub the bathrooms the guests will be using a couple times extra!

6. Vacuum, rotate, and flip all the mattresses in your home. Many people look over this step very often, but this is very important. It keeps your mattress from wearing out so easy and helps it last longer.

7. Wait until you’re completely done and steam vacuum and mop the entire floor of your home. We say to wait, because everyone loves those vacuum lines and you won’t be walking over what you just cleaned.

Deep Spring Cleaning:

If you want to get really intense with your cleaning skills, go the extra mile with these next steps.



1. Clean the fireplace. You might be covered in soot when you’re done, but don’t worry! It will all be worth it when your guests compliment you on how surprisingly clean your fireplace is.

2. Sweep the front porch and the patio. Once you get all the leaves and nonsense brushed off them, try to deck brush them. This should make them look brand new. If you don’t know how to clean your deck or patio properly, just follow our steps in our previous Deck and Patio post.



3. Defrost your freezer. Clean it out. Throw out the stuff you’ve been saving (and been thinking you’re going to use) for just too long. This goes for the fridge too. We all have that bad habit of leaving items we don’t use in there way past their expiration date, because we purely just don’t notice. What did you say? Might as well tackle the pantry as well? Right you are! Go ahead and clean out and reorganize your pantry. It helps for stocking up food for Easter guests.

4. Deep clean the oven. This is a big one since you’ll probably be using it for Easter dishes. If you don’t clean it, the oven can actually change the smell and taste of your food.



5. Wash all your window, window tracks, and curtains. Those get dusty and dirty too!

6. Our last deep clean for the home is cleaning out your closet. We know, we know. No one wants to give away any clothes ever, but we have a few simple rules to make it easier on you. If you haven’t worn it in a year, give it away. You aren’t going to wear it “someday”. If it doesn’t fit, give it away. If you say it will fit after tailoring but never go get it tailored, give it away. You’re never taking it to get tailored. If it doesn’t fit your lifestyle, give it away. Those are all the rules. Simple and easy to follow. Clearing your closets will also free up room for your guests coming to stay with you.

Extra Preparation for Guests:



1. When you are making the beds, be sure to put extra blankets on it. While you’re in the guest room, check to make sure there is a luggage rack or a bench for your guests to place their bags on while they’re there.

2. Place a candle in the guest room along with a basket full of anything they might need during their stay, such as disposable razors, mouthwash, extra toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, etc. Make sure you’re stocked on toilet paper and extra towels as well.



3. Place current magazines and books around the house as easy reading for your guests.

4. Stock your kitchen with extra coffee, tea, creamer, and sugar. More people in the home means more coffee is going to be made.

5. Make sure there are no burned out lights. Double check the rooms the guests will be staying in.



6. Last but not least, wash your pets! This might seem like a funny cleaning step, but it is completely necessary. Pets carry dirt and smells while they run around the home causing the smell to waft through the home in every room. It’s smart to just wash them once a month anyway to keep them and everything else clean.

Now, you should be fully prepared for your Easter guests and anything that might come your way! You can now focus on your guests and this wonderful holiday!


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Conquering the Guest Bedroom Like a Pro


What room should be the most relaxing and enjoyable room in the house? The Guest Room! The guest room is one of the most crucial rooms in the house to keep in tiptop shape. We always want to ensure a comfortable relaxing stay for our wonderful guests. There are many different items you can include in the décor to really have your guest room stand out above the rest, but we broke it down to seven essentials.

Basket Of Magazines


The first essential item that really just brings a calming feel is a basket of magazines. Always keep all your magazines that come through the mail, so if your guest would like to take a magazine with them, they can. Keep a variety of different magazines; everyone is into different things. The most important part of this is the basket. Pick something that goes with the rest of the room and any “theme” you might have going in the room. Just fan them out; make them look pretty.

Closet Hangers


Additionally, I love when I go somewhere that has hangers for me so I can hang up all my important clothes. Leave about eight hangers in the closet for convenience purposes. Your guests will be impressed and very satisfied when it comes to the end of their stay.


Extra Blankets and Pillows


Extra blankets and pillows! This is critical because that’s the number one question guests ask about: if you have a blanket. Don’t make them ask! Give them extra! Make sure the blankets and extra sheets are always clean. Check twice for stains, and never let it smell!


Full Length Mirror


Women love full-length mirrors. I know I could probably stand in front of one all day. We want to be able to see our whole outfit all at once. You might not understand the simple joy and happiness you’re bringing to your guest when you put a full-length mirror in the guest room. They will love it!

Blowdryer Blog


The fifth essential item is quite a serious one. If you don’t use it right, you could completely blow it…a hairdryer!! When you and your guest are trying to get ready in a certain amount of time and you both need to use the hairdryer at the same time, it gets really busy and slows you both down. Do you both a favor and keep a spare under the sink in the guest bathroom. Make sure they’re aware of it and where it’s at.

Wifi Password


I grouped everything on the bedside table into one category: the bedside table grouping. There are four crucial items necessary for the night stand, including books, an alarm clock, lamp, and the Wi-Fi password. Any books will do; just make sure they at least look a little interesting. You never know when someone’s in the mood for some midnight reading. You need an alarm clock on there. You don’t want them having to reach for their phone or look at their watch every time they would like to know what time it is. You want them to be able to wake up to the radio if they would like that. An alarm clock is just essential for it’s convenience. This is the same with the lamp. You need a cool lamp that spices up the room with style, but one that is extremely functional. This might be the most used piece in the whole guest bedroom. Last but not least, the Wi-Fi password. Not many people think about this, but if you have it already set out in front of them, they’ll love you for it. With the social media being so big nowadays, it is just nice to leave it out for them. You can put it in a nice frame and look more like a piece of art as you can see in the photo.

Flower Arrangement


The last item is partly for décor and partly to add a scent. They’re flowers!! I gave a brief description of how to make the perfect flower arrangement in the post about the 2015 summer trends for your home. Flower arrangements have a classic, beautiful effect in a room. They work everywhere to make a room look softer and more relaxed. It helps that they smell so nice and fresh as well!

Well, there are our seven essentials to conquering the guest bedroom like a professional. Very simple. Very easy. Add this here; add this there. Just to acknowledge all the items again, we have a basket full of magazines, extra closet hangers, extra blankets and sheets, a full-length mirror, a hairdryer, the bedside table grouping, and flowers. Your guests will be very impressed and extremely satisfied!


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