Fall Design Trends 2014

Fall is here, the time of year we trade our beach towels for pumpkins and sunshine for grey clouds. Before we cut the turkey and welcome old man winter, lets explore some of the design trends the changing leaves have brought us this year. We might even be able to learn a thing or two from this shift in weather.

Natural Materials

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Using natural materials is definitely in vogue. from wood to stone, flooring to decoring, bringing the out-doors in helps to offset the cabin fever that can set in during the inclement months. This year light ‘honey’ colored woods like walnut, oak or cherry are the preference over darker species.

Fur and HairFall Trends 2014_ACloreInteriors_4


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Fabric selections can also get the nature treatment. 2014 sees the return of hides and furs and a resurgence of grass mats and other plant based textiles. Besides providing an air of warmth and comfort, these materials also help introduce a variety of texture.

Eclectic Collections

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 If hide and hair aren’t your thing, maybe your thing is, your things. That’s right, designers are suggesting that this year is the year to start displaying your collections. No, not your mothers porcelain doll collection, but your novelty shape tea pots or antique cameras. The idea is to set the tone for the space, and surround yourself with the things you love to look at. Some times reorganizing the collections you already have can breath new life into an old idea.

Jewel Tones

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Jewel tones are trending back into favor. Rich emerald greens, amethyst purples and ruby red are just a few of the brilliant colors meant to resemble the gemstones they are named after. Using these tones can create a decadent look. Layering them with other color trends from this season will elicit a lush designer look. Make sure to have a consistent and high level of saturation to keep them from clashing, that’s not the drama you’re trying to introduce.

Grey With Bold Contrasting Colors

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Fall Trends 2014_ACloreInteriors_11(source) (source)

Fall Trends 2014_ACloreInteriors_14(source)

Say goodbye to tan, and hello to grey. This year’s neutral tone of choice is grey. Grey is called an achromatic color, which literally means ‘color without color.’ This means that its innumerable shades can be, and be used with any color.

Eclectic Selections

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Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles. selecting furniture from across the globe and through time helps to curate a custom look that is unique and personal. The world isn’t quite as large as it used to be and your home can benefit from thousands of years of culture.


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