Sanford Holiday Table Designs!

This holiday season, some of the businesses located in downtown Sanford gathered together to present all different table designs. We had such a great time participating in this fun event that we wanted to share the outcomes of each table with you. Take a look at how talented O’ little downtown Sanford is!


New Years Eve:
New Years Eve is a time for celebration, for the events that have passed and the adventures in the future. This elegant set up represents the celebration of the day. The beautiful mask and feathers adding a playful take on the event while the color scheme, glass, and clock decorations allows for a timeless event.


LCarter Interiors Christmas:
This modern Christmas table would make for great conversation for a hosted event. The different placemats and dishware chosen provide a cheerful display of color and patterns. A charming touch is added by the ornament place card holder, holding a holiday trivia card for a little bit of holiday fun.

Maya Books & Music Table

Maya Books & Music Closeup

Maya Books & Music:
A good piece of decoration is a great center piece. Here, to keep with the company, they used a tree created out of a book and its pages and a stack of vinyl records as a pedestal. It also includes a good assortment of classic holiday music and stories, many possible parts of family traditions.

A Wild & Woodly Holiday table

A Wild & Woodly Closeup2

A Wild & Woody Holiday by Jeanine Taylor Folk Art:
A setting for critters everywhere. This ‘wild and woody’ setting is a beautiful set up, representing nature, and everything is included! The trees, a water stream and the animals themselves are all represented in this setting. The center piece is large but lively, leaving room for many pleasant conversations.



Red & White Delight by Love Our Shorts:
This bright and festive table took a color scheme and ran with it. Sticking to their company’s colors, the red and white is a delightful representation of a candy cane and yet still a beautiful design. The ornaments and dishware keep a fashionable feel but the addition of the throw pillow with a holiday phrase adds a little joy.



A Bohemian Holiday by A.Clore Interiors:
A setting with a lot of color, patterns and spunk is what awaits any bohemian theme. It can almost be an ‘anything goes’ approach to decorating with a festive energy of colors and textures! Even though it may seem a little chaotic, it really isn’t because some way or another, everything will look fantastic together when starting with three to five coordinating colors.


Clair's Christmas Party Closeup

Clair’s Christmas Party:
This is a fun take on a little kid’s tea party, only this one has the holiday spirit! Cute stuffed animals gather to enjoy an assortment of treats shared with young kids. Different patterns mixed with a variety of colors create an enjoyable setting for any young child.



Floral Décor by Sanford Flower Shop:
This georgeous setting creates an elegant ‘black tie event’ feel with a bold pop of color. The pops of red mixed in with the black and white keep a classic yet interesting setting while the different textures add for an exciting additional detail.



Neptune’s Treasure:
An inverted Christmas tree is not something you see every day! This is a very eclectic design using different aged and antique accessories as decorations, both on the tree and off. Red is a beautiful color for the holiday season and the burlap adds a lovely rustic touch.



Anna Yebba:
Christmas in the country could easily be a beautiful backdrop and is represented in this setting. The berries and pine leaves are a rustic touch to the homey feel of the wood and lanterns. The dishware is simple, giving a classic feel with a little country in the mix.



Sanford Historic Trusts:
A beautiful addition of these blue and white china dishware is a traditional look many love. With the lace table cloth and wooden chairs, it gives a homey feel, welcoming guests into a space. For the holidays, it is a simple and beautiful set up, and adding the touch of blue ornaments pushes it to the next level.

Day 12: Five Senses of Holiday Design

[Restoration Hardware]

We are gearing up for the holiday season here at A.Clore Interiors.

What does that mean?

Well, it means a lot of things. First and foremost, a new showroom to decorate!!

Then, a table-scape setting for the Historic Sanford Holiday Tour of Homes [located at the Secret Garden stop]

And to finish it all off, a White Winter themed holiday party at A.Clore Interiors [still in the planning stages]

When it comes to planning a successful holiday party. It is important that you create the perfect festive mood for your guests. To do so, you must appeal to each of their five senses:

1. Sight: Delight their eyes with color, contrast (textural or visual), and your individual sense of style. We like to think of holiday decorating as a large personal art project; one you create to inspire, to entice and to bring joy to family and friends.

2. Scent: Fragrance is a powerful mood changer, use it to your advantage by using scents associated with happy memories and the holiday season. Some fragrances to try: cinnamon apple and fresh baked apple pie.

3. Hearing: Fill the room with happy, festive music that captures the essence of the season. Admittedly, we dust this one off every christmas and is one of our favorites. NSYNC!

4. Taste: Yummy treats are expected. This is no time for ‘diet food’. The holiday season is the much anticipated break from “being good” – indulge your guests with rich and decadent cuisine.

5. Touch: Help them relax and enjoy the event by creating a comfortable environment with soft pillows and throws.

We are super excited about applying this concept to our White Winter party and thankful that good design and preparation will forever include the 5 senses we use everyday.

What are your plans for the holidays??