Best Plants For Your Home

We have written about indoor plants before and we all know that it is great to incorporate the outside indoors. While you’re scrolling on your Pinterest, you probably see lots of beautiful interiors filled with plants. Do you wish that was your room? Do you doubt that you could keep them alive? Well then this is for you; here are some low-maintenance plants perfect for beginners. Remember that with the chilly season right around the corner, it is important for your health to incorporate some lively green plants in your home! It increases your mood and improves oxygen levels.

Spruce up a space with a fresh bouquet

Snake Plant

This plant is specifically known for  purifying  indoor air by removing toxins such as formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene. In order to preserve water, the plant opens its pores and releases oxygen exclusively at night. This helps it to maximize efficiency in cleaning the air, as found in study conducted by NASA. It has a clean, modern look and can be small enough for tighter spaces, perfect to keep in a bedroom. This plant prefers medium-bright direct lighting and only needs watering every 3-4 weeks. But remember to increase the watering’s if sunlight is increased. 

Air Plants

Tillandsia are adorably easy to take care of and can be displayed in the most creative ways. Whether they’re sitting clustered as a centerpiece or hung up on a wall, these plants will survive with almost no care. Our favorite way to use them would be in the shower. You read that right! Air plants make the perfect houseplant for a bathroom that receives plenty of natural light. The running water from your bathroom sink and shower helps increase humidity levels, which mimic air plants’ native environments, jungles. Just another reason to enjoy a long, warm shower. If you don’t keep them in the bathroom, just soak weekly in a bowl of room temperature water for 15-30 minutes. Shake excess water off afterward to avoid rotting.Do you feel like a serial houseplant killer? You might want to try growing these 11 plants -- in your bathroom.

Golden Pothos

This beautiful viney plant will shows off lush, white and green leaves, instantly enhancing your desktop. In fact, it is fondly nicknamed the ‘cubicle plant’. Wonderfully versatile, the pothos can be grown both in soil and water. This means you can creatively place and grow how you’d like! It prefers medium-low indirect light and only needs watering every 1-2 weeks, or when the soil is dry. Studies show it is also efficient in removing pollutants from indoor air, so you can breathe easy while you work.

Aloe Vera

We all know this is our mom’s favorite plant. It has numerous medicinal uses: reducing itchiness, soothing sunburn and improves digestive health. This plant is perfect to keep on a sunny kitchen window sill. They are drought-tolerant and actually prefer to be underwatered, so only water when dry. Not sure when to water? Wrinkles on the aloe’s fleshy leaves are a telltale sign.

Bird’s Nest Fern

And our last suggestion is, guess what? Pet-friendly! This unique plant has rippled leaves and grows out from the center. It would be the perfect addition to hang in your living room for all to admire. Plus, you won’t have to worry about it being dangerous for your fuzzy friends. This fern thrives in medium to bright indirect light, but can tolerate low indirect light. Water weekly, or whenever the soil is dry. But increase watering with increased sunlight.

Faux Plants

Of course, live indoor plants aren’t for everyone still. When we are designing a space and the client wants to incorporate faux plants, we turn to Stacked and Co. They’re an Orlando-based small business that always helps us deliver for our clients!

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Here are some of the ways we use plants in the expertly designed spaces for our clients!

An outdoor feature plant wall paired with a beautiful center piece!

An elegant, floral arrangement.

Complete a dining room with an oversized floral centerpiece!

A Garden For Small Spaces Inside And Outside

Some of us would love to have some sort of greenery in our home and what better way of bringing in some freshness than to start a garden! Even if you have a small apartment or a small backyard it is possible to successfully grow any kind of garden your heart desires! Whether you want a big or small garden, a flower, herb, or veggie garden, these ideas are simple, easy, and will make your home even more beautiful.



First things first, consider how much space you have available for your garden. If you live in a small apartment with no patio, there is no need to use floor space. Consider growing a vertical garden, you can use an empty wall or a corner even to hang your plants on. It will add that freshness to your living space without feeling cluttered.

If all you are looking for is a very small herb garden for your kitchen, say 3 – 4 different herbs. Consider using your windowsill, if you have one, if not, just a bit of counter space with enough sunlight throughout the day will do. Remember, herbs need about 4 – 6 hours of sunlight to flourish.



For a small backyard, a vertical garden is still a good idea. The fence could be used for more than privacy, it can also be the base for the garden. You can spruce it up with pretty planters attached to it to have all of your pretty plants. Another creative alternative could be to create a partition, or backdrop. These can be enhanced with small plants or flowers, depending on what kind of garden you’re trying to achieve. Get inventive with the design of your plant pots to add a more aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space.

Know Your Plants


One last thing, it is imperative to know what kind of plants you like and what the plants themselves like. For instance, take into consideration how much sunlight they need, and whether it should be in direct or indirect sunlight. How often should they be watered and pruned? These are all important details of successfully growing and maintaining your green space. Keep all of this in mind and you’ll be on your way to a great green beginning.


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