Folk Art Meets Design

A.Clore Interiors was so excited to be asked to participate in the “Folk Art Meets Design” exhibit at Jeanine Taylor Folk Art. Each designer was given the opportunity to select an original Folk Art piece to design a room setting. The overall space uses key design elements like color, scale, and proportion to create a well functioning space. With the mix of quirkiness, eclectic pieces, and neutral hues, our team decided to showcase an “Updated Traditional” scheme.

Guinea Fowl Artwork

The showcase features the work of John “Cornbread” Anderson. He is widely known for his representation of animals, especially guinea fowl. This particular painting was fittingly picked  with its vibrant, energetic, and bold palette to represent our firm. This art is repeated for emphasis throughout the entire design, from the napkins to accent pillows on chair.

Plate Settings

When looking at the plate settings, you can immediately see the proportionality of it all. Each plate seamlessly transitions to the next, for a layered effect. Take special notice in the feathered placemats, matching the emphasized art of Cornbread. The gold utensils are a traditional color, but updated with unique handles and a bubbled glass effect in the cups. The intertwined nest napkin holders with delicate bird eggs in them give a special touch of focus to the painting’s background.


From wood to ceramic to feathers to burlap, you’ll find many materials used in the vignette. They all work together to tie in traditional touches with modern finishes. The decor was locally sourced and even custom made to make this dining set truly one of a kind. The quirkiness of the pea pod base floor lamps.


There are large host and hostess chairs on each side of the table with pillows of the painting printed on them. Their large presence add depth to the design and balance out all the smaller pieces on the table. They are paired with simpler, wooden chairs that match the dining table to add some unity and have a solid base to the design.

Want to see for your self?? Head to Downtown Sanford this weekend and visit Jeanine Taylor Folk Art on 1st Street!! Exhibit is open until 5pm on Sunday the 9th!



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2016 Color of the Year: Why did Pantone pick TWO?

   Yes, you read that correctly. There are TWO colors that have been chosen for the upcoming year! We don’t know if you would go so far as to say this is revolutionary, but this is the first time two colors have been chosen to represent the following year. The two popular colors picked are Rose Quartz and Serenity.



     The best way to define Rose Quartz is by saying it is a mineral pink that is gentle and gives a sense of composure. As the website says, it tends to remind us to reflect on our surroundings. To sum up Serenity, it is a light blue giving off an airy, calming effect. Pantone explains this color brings feelings of relief in rough times.

     These carefully chosen colors are representing the currently surpassing cultural and gender norms. Pantone takes on this responsibility to determine the color that is best represented by social trends. With all the global doors opening and the sudden desire to step back from technology and social media, they landed on two colors to represent “a soothing sense of order and peace” erasing the line drawn between “us” and “them.”



     Pantone’s color of the year directly influences fashion, interiors, and even food presentation, which is a pretty difficult concept considering the choice was influenced by politics and philosophy. On their website, the colors are shown as flowing together. They strategically did this to blur the line where one color ends and the other begins. This is a huge effort at symbolism to show the world’s social progress. Pantone has defined their choice by the attention that has been placed on “societal movements toward gender equality and fluidity, the consumer’s increased comfort with using color as a form of expression, a generation that has less concern about being typecast or judged, and an open exchange of digital information that has opened our eyes to different approaches to color usage.”

     No one can deny that true fact. This past year has been a huge progression towards equality and global contribution, and we can only assume we will continue in that direction throughout 2016. Instead of focusing on the differences, these colors are supposed to divert our attention to the positive similarities to help us relax in a world that isn’t so relaxing.


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