Get Ready to Paint That Kitchen!

New Year, New Kitchen…? It’s 2016, and the tables are turning. We want color in the kitchens! No beige or tan anymore. Black and white are fine with other colors thrown in but nothing plain and simple. We have gathered up the best colors to paint your kitchen in the new year!




Whether you choose a light gray-blue or royal blue, we want to see it in the kitchen! Blue always looks the best being added in to white kitchens. It looks breathtaking with a white marble countertop.




Yes, we said pink! We’re thinking more of a Rose Quartz color to go with Pantone’s colors of the year, but Barbie Pink can work as well, if you so wish. Add it in with white or gray so that it isn’t too overwhelming but keeps the high energy it is intended to present.




We know this counts as neutral, and you’re probably thinking, “if you want to get rid of beige, why would you bring in gray?” Good question. Beige has a yellowish tint and a very retro look, but not in a good way. Gray, on the other hand, has an elegant touch to it. If it is a little too blah, kick it up a notch with bright accent colors.

Sage Green



This is our last suggestion, and although it is a more specific color, this goes for a more specific style. We love seeing this color used throughout a rustic kitchen using lots of wooden and metal decor. It creates a cozy, warm feel inviting all family members and guests to turn the kitchen into the “hang out spot.”

If you need help with learning how to paint cabinets, check out our post to make it easier on you. Update your kitchen to keep up with 2016 in an easy, cost-effective way!

5 Simple Ways to Transform Your Kitchen

     Every kitchen needs an update every once in awhile. Yes, yours included! We have all the answers for your kitchen catastrophes, though! Here at A.Clore Interiors, we believe every room is important, but the kitchen plays a huge role when having guests and company over. It’s the room everyone hangs out in, where everyone converses and catches up. You want to make sure your kitchen is welcoming and up-to-date on all the latest trends while you’re talking about all the latest news!



1. Backsplash – Adding backsplash underneath your kitchen cabinets is the obvious go-to if you want to make an impeccable difference and give it a completely new feel. If your kitchen has dark accents, such as the plates and décor, add lighter tiles to the walls. It will keep your kitchen bright and crisp day or night.



2. Black French Style Door – This door will become the statement piece of your kitchen! I can promise that. Exchange your old, plain pantry door for something more sleek and chic, such as a black French door with fogged glass. It will have a classic affect on your kitchen ambiance.



3. Embellished Gold Corner Brackets – This is a suggestion is a much more hip and younger update. Add those shiny, gold corner brackets to the edges of your kitchen drawers and cabinets. Your kitchen will make you travel back to your mid-twenties! These gold brackets help your kitchen give off that young, but mature, setting.



4. Lighter Colors – Like we have mentioned in all of our previous blog posts, lighter color palettes are always the way to go! It makes your kitchen automatically look clean and crisp. You can go crazy with a light color scheme, and you could never over-do it. The best way to brighten up your kitchen is by painting the cabinets. If you change your cabinets by a shade, it’s noticeable. Try it!

5. New Basics – Add in some new kitchen floor tiles or some new light fixtures. You can add or take away a theme from your kitchen by changing the basics. They are the foundation of your kitchen setting! Change it up a little and guests will notice for sure!


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