Designer’s Guide: Pillow Bootcamp

What’s the importance of pillows in a room? We’re glad you asked! Pillows are often easily overlooked as a last thought when designing, but truth is, they shouldn’t be! They’re both functional and decorative. If you think about it, you can place pillows and cushions in just about every room of the house (other than the kitchen and bathroom). So why not pay them more attention?

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How do we give pillows the love they need? First, by placing them correctly! There are some tried-and-true pillow combinations that will always look magazine-ready on your styled bed. Plus, you need to make sure the color combinations complement, not clash, each other. For the perfect picture, make sure to give them a chop: fluff the pillow, pull the corners out, then give a light karate chop in the middle. As long as you stay around these size guides and ratios, your couch will look like it has been professionally styled.

bedroom bed pillow placement

A master guide on bed pillow placement.

Now that you have the placement picked that suites you, time to focus on the colors and textures! Pillows can be your first step towards choosing a color scheme or match the existing decor. You can definitely have some fun here, mixing the sheen of fabrics, textures, and patterns. We know this can seem pretty overwhelming, but don’t freight. Here are some pre-thought-out pillow combos that are affordable for the wallet and pretty to the eye! Pick the one you fancy most and either click the source links or source similar ones in stores near you!

peach, beach pillows

Peachy, beachy vibes!

Pillow Sources:

Back 1

Middle 1

Front 1

teal knit and handmade pillows

A down-to-earth boho look.

Pillow Sources:

Back 2

Front 2

orange and blue pillows

Complementary color schemes are always a go-to.

Pillow Sources:

Back 3

Front 3

white and blue pillows

A more modern look with a touch of traditional.

Pillow Sources:

Back 4

Front 4

Look into unique shapes for the front layer to match your style, too!


Adding color, texture and pattern is always a plus!


Layering is always a good idea.


Whether you’re looking to upgrade your bedroom or living room, we have some more tips for you! In the living room, the couch size you have determines the appropriate amount of pillows to place. While it’s sooo easy to pick up any pillow you enjoy looking at, be careful! It’s crazy to believe that you actually CAN have too many pillows!

loveseat pillow placement

Three pillows are great for a loveseat.

couch pillow placement

Probably the most pillows you should allow on the couch.

sectional pillow placement

Sectionals are big, which means lots of pillows!

Hopefully, you found this blog to be super helpful! We know it’s a lot of information, so be sure to save for next time.

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transitional living room design

If your couch is particularly plush already, don’t worry about having too many pillows!


Adding pops of color + we love a good textured bolster pillow.


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